Jeans Desigual Denim jeans with check patches and floral embroidery

Denim jeans with check patches and floral embroidery

Jeans are Desigual. Desigual is denim. The new Spring/Summer 2018 collection has been updated with new Exotic Jeans that are more Exotic than ever before with details you never thought possible. Everything from our skinny cut or slim fit, fitted and hugging your curves, to our boyfriend jeans and the new cropped flare cut, which is ideal for more romantic boho and folk looks. Women’s jeans are undoubtedly a day-to-day basic, allowing you to change your look in the blink of any eye. Pair them with sneakers for a casual look, with a blazer to call the shots at the office, or with a sparkly top to go all in with your party looks. Who said the denim territory could only be blue? Fall for a passionate Indian red. Or a stunning Mediterranean blue. The purest Grecian white. Sophisticated Peruvian black. Multi-colored prints from Mexico. Pack your suitcase because our Desigual jeans have a life of their own, and they want to take you along for the ride!