YES to looking back, YES to seeing it as positive and integrating it into the future. YES to young talent. YES to revisiting our icons. YES-talgic.

Shop Collection

Liberté, fraternité, desigualitè.

Revolutionary mottos, symbols and positive slogans. Introducing the peace, love and optimism trend.

Young talents

We’re releasing our first co-creation with two young guest designers. Energy and talent, mixed with Desigual’s ’90s DNA: a patchwork of colour, joy and vitality.

This capsule is a creative energy boost by young Italian-Cuban talent duo Giulia and Rubén, who have been invited for the first time to co-create the new Desigual collection.

More coming soon.

The new collection, new capsules with different artists, new apparel and new surprises. Be the first to find out.