Monsieur Christian Lacroix Forever
Monsieur Christian Lacroix Forever

Monsieur Christian Lacroix Forever

Where is the one and only Monsieur Christian Lacroix? Celebrating 10 years with Desigual.

10 years together

Barcelona, Spring/Summer 2021 – Given the fact we have a colossal desire to celebrate and that Monsieur Christian Lacroix (Arles, 1951) is always a cause for celebration, we didn’t think twice when realizing we were celebrating ten years collaborating with the renowned French designer: it’s time to dream. Because, as he reminds us, "We need music, fiction, art, the pleasure of living to elevate us above the trials of daily life. To take refuge in good vibes by being even more oneself." And that’s why we’re here. Presenting our new Desigual x Monsieur Christian Lacroix Forever collection: an anniversary collection that reaches its goal of escaping and celebrating through lavender and prints.


Mr. Christian Lacroix has always said the first time he saw a Desigual coat strolling down the streets of Paris, he thought it was a design from his own tribe. If ten years ago, when we started dreaming about what it would be like to collaborate with Monsieur Christian Lacroix, we would have been told that the renowned designer would now say that "without exaggeration, these ten years are the high point of my craft as a fashion designer," we’d really have to ask you to pinch us. "In one phrase, let’s just say that these ten years are the complement, the culmination of my career in fashion, after haute couture."


Purple in all its varieties, from lilac lavenders to blue violets, prevails in a collection inspired by Mediterranean nature and lifestyle. With the collection’s colors and details reminiscent of the designer’s native Arles, tulle as a fabric stands out for its delicacy, an ode to Provence. In Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) cottons, ecofriendly fabrics and other fresh carefully-selected fabrics. Two-piece total looks, short ruffled dresses, fitted pinafores and majestic kimonos in jacket or dress models make up an "anniversary collection" that celebrates spontaneity, prints, feminine colors, decorative nature, art and the passion to design.


A short tulle dress with lavender and violet flowers, and blue touches. Lightweight bishop-style long sleeves, a round lace-up neck, elastic waistband and four floral print ruffles on the skirt. An emblematic dress designed by the Monsieur, inspired by the silky Arlesian lavender fields that will be in bloom at this time of the year.

According to Thomas Meyer, founder of Desigual, "From the very first moment, we felt an enormous mutual respect that has developed into a professional collaboration and friendship. Of ten years... and twenty seasons. He comes here once a month or so, sometimes we go to see him, and we have Lacroix for a bit!

Therefore, we are pleased to present Desigual x Monsieur Christian Lacroix Forever: 10 Years Together. A collection, spontaneous collaboration and campaign that celebrates color, fusion and patchwork featuring Monsieur Christian Lacroix’s icons Tanya Dziahileva, Eugenia Volodina and Anne Rohart.


Campaign credits:

  • Photography: Txema Yeste
  • Talent: Tanya Dziahileva, Eugenia Volodina and Anne Rohart.
  • Vídeo: Aran Martínez Solana
  • Styling: Bernat Buscató
  • Hair: Jordi Fontanals
  • Make up: Vícator Álvarez
  • Art on set: Hako Industries

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