Miranda ❤️ Desigual
Miranda ❤️ Desigual

Miranda ❤️ Desigual

We present the new Miranda Makaroff SS20 collection in collaboration with Desigual with her Eva. exhibition at Art Basel Miami Beach 2019.

Miami Beach, 4 December 2019 – Welcome to Miranda Makaroff’s wildest collection for Desigual. A universe where nature is the most potent aphrodisiac, where women live in harmony with nature. A collection inspired by the exuberant pleasure the artist experienced in Ibiza, the island where she created this universe, presented through the Eva exhibition which recreates a feminine and very free universe.

Let’s say it’s hot, around 23ºC in the gateway to the Caribbean. Let’s also say that you’re in one of the most iconic hotels in South Beach Miami: Nautilus by Arlo. And let’s say that at the other end of a perfect, idyllic pool you see a small door in the shape of a vagina which beckons you to a universe of pink. Through this door, sounds of pleasure can already be heard in the exuberance of nature. And so we enter Eva, the creator of pleasure.

The floor is a little soft, and we find a sculpture depicting five women entwined in the midst of a sexual act and unconventional pleasure. They, colourful and mingled, are dressed in some of the garments from Miranda Makaroff’s SS20 capsule for Desigual. And we say “some” because the others are in the air. They have discarded them to enjoy the nudity that can be seen in the prints they wear.

This is how Miranda Makaroff welcomes you to Art Basel Miami Beach 2019, reminding you that Eve has been mistreated by history as the original sinner. But here, Miranda wants to open your eyes so you can see that Eva, in reality, is the creator of pleasure. Things are not always as they seem, so Eva is written in reverse. In this exhibition where she presents her collection with us, Miranda wants to change Eva’s story.

“Siempre nos dijeron que Eva fue la culpable, pero tendríamos que estarle agradecida, pues fue la gran descubridora del placer. El paraíso es un aburrimiento, es mejor estar en la tierra, con sus vicios y contradicciones”. Miranda Makaroff, 2019.

Her inspiration? An endless love for pleasure.

Stendhal syndrome causes an elevated heart rate, palpitations and shaking in settings of outstanding beauty. Miranda experiences something similar with nature, except the symptoms are slightly different: excitement, stimulation of her wilder side and even orgasms. A universe where women live as one with nature, in the heart of a Mediterranean island. Miranda Makaroff’s creative process starts with observation and experimentation with nature, sex, women and freedom. Her passions and fantasies translate them onto paper and they are then materialised as clothing. This is a capsule of garments where the prints tell stories of women and their pleasures: women who entwine with nature, collages of vaginas and deconstructed penises, and female orgies where bright colours combine to tell a story of positivity towards sex and pleasure.

As natural as the human body: 100% sustainable fabrics.

We are proud to announce that this spring-summer 2020 collection in collaboration with Miranda Makaroff is made from 100% organic fabrics. Culottes in various materials, more rigid or cotton; tops with different textures such as pleats or fine ribbing; colourful cropped jackets; cotton t-shirts featuring different elements and flowy printed shirts. A collection with garments for everyone (her and him) that invites us to understand colours and prints through the eyes of Miranda.

Shopping teaser at the Lincoln Road Desigual Store (630 Lincoln Road Space, Miami Beach, FL 33139) and available from March 2020 at our physical stores and

Eva. en Art Basel Miami Beach 2019

Miranda Makaroff recibió a más de 200 personas en la inauguración de su exposición en Nautilus by Arlo Hotel (1825 Collins Ave, Miami Beach) entre los que se encontraban, vistiendo su cápsula, Jorge López (@jorgelopez_as), Jazzelle (@uglyworldwide), Desiré Quadjo (@ des.qua), Maca Achaga (@macabeso), Alejandra Smits (@alejandrasmits), Clara Berry (@clara.berry), Naomi Shimada (@naomishimada), Greta Menchi(@ gretamenchi), Juno Birch (@junobirch) y la pareja de la artista en cuestión, Pascal Moscheni (@pascalmoscheni). Todos juntos vieron el rosa (valga la redundancia) atardecer de Miami y pasaron por esta curiosa puerta, la vagina que Miranda ha diseñado para esta ocasión, mientras el propio Pascal pinchaba en esta cocktail party.

Miranda already exhibited a version of this vagina in Pamplemousse in Madrid in 2018. In 2017, Suzy Kellems Dominik’s neon in the shape of a vagina was the most viral piece at Art Basel Miami Beach, in 2018 Jannelle Monae represented it through “PYNK”, and Georgia O’Keeffe famously interpreted it in her flowers, so why is it relevant to keep talking about vaginas in 2019? It is a method of representation in the art world that Gustave Courbet defined as “the origin of the world”, so maybe it’s because only 10 female artists are exhibited in the Prado Museum while there are 255 female nudes, or maybe it’s just because Miranda wants to make you pass through that moment. In addition, this remastered version of the exhibition includes a sculpture of entwined women that provides a vivid image of her own prints for the collaboration with Desigual.

We love you, Miranda

This Catalan artist was born in the same year as us, 1984, and in the same city, Barcelona  She has created two collections in collaboration with Desigual and the third is underway. All of them speak of colour, femininity and the freedom of sex (and sensuality). Miran- da Makaroff is colour, fun and femininity.

Daughter of designer Lydia Delgado and singer-songwriter Sergio Makaroff, Miranda is a multifaceted artist: painter, illustrator, designer, DJ and actor. She’s fun, multitalented, curious, cheerful and an endless source of good vibes. She loves self-help books, reflecting on everyday social aspects that we usually take for granted, and unveiling colourful and crazy worlds filled with creativity through her Instagram account, “I love colour because it’s my vitamin, my passion.”

“My goal is to convey positive energy and fun because I think that’s something that has been left on the back burner of fashion. We have become somewhat enslaved and crazy about trends, and I think it’s important to see fashion from a viewpoint of freedom, creativity and playfulness.” Miranda Makaroff, 2019.

This is Desigual, my friend.

We were born in 1984 through a (now iconic) jacket made from scraps of vintage jeans. This was one of the world’s first upcycled garments, which is why we carry a commitment to the planet in our genes: every day we strive to make our collections more sustainable and to improve our processes. We are a creative company that uses fashion so our customers can express their optimism and the best version of themselves. We are no less than 3700 people in 90 (very different) countries who – through 10 sales channels, more than 500 branded stores and six product categories: Woman, Man, Kids, Accessories, Shoes and Sport – dress millions of colour-seeking people around the world.

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