Seduction, kisses, love and climax: the ‘Love Different’ show
Seduction, kisses, love and climax: the ‘Love Different’ show

Seduction, kisses, love and climax: the ‘Love Different’ show

We present our brand’s new claim, “Love Different”, and our new 2020 collection at Art Basel Miami Beach with a show that explores the universal symbol of love: the kiss.

Miami Beach, 6 December 2019 – On a Friday night, we encouraged four hundred people at Art Basel Miami Beach to kiss. To kiss a lot. To learn to love in a different way by having a good time. It wasn’t a bacchanal… it was an artistic performance which we used to launch our new brand claim. A piece directed by Catalan artist Carlota Guerrero with an afterparty helmed by DJ The Black Madonna. A gathering in one of the city’s most iconic Art Deco spaces, The Temple House, reworked as the projection mapping house.

The most natural emotion: the emotion of the kiss and the nude

You enter a large room with a sculpture of two large humans at the back. A stranger approaches and asks you to wear a white jumpsuit which you can use to blend in among the other guests. People spread out across the space and the lights change. Thirty people with very different styles, ages, statures, sizes and cultures enter with a frenetic march. These people dance freely and leap through the air. They look for their place in the sculpture and this is when everything changes. Light, music and movement are resolved in different encounters. Couples and threesomes look at each other and kiss … a long, everlasting kiss. A collective kiss that floods the space and infects the audience with the desire to kiss too, the pulse of the room elevates. And then, sensuality, excitement and provocation, the lights go down and nudity appears. The thirty bodies locked in kiss formation release themselves to offer a glimpse of their bodies and, just when you thought the performance was over… they start a party on the other side of the room with The Black Madonna, the standard bearer for LOVE, while the space is filled with a series of animations by Mau Morgo representing the everlasting kiss, dawn until dusk, different couples and threesomes in 3D. The space is filled with pink; music and dance follows…

This is the first representation of what Love Different means to us: an iconic performance filled with emotions and sexual energy with a universal language… the kiss.

At Desigual we love kisses. Because we love love. And we love nakedness. Because we love that which is natural. We are emotion and we are human. Kissing tours, naked people in our stores, all kinds of couples kissing or naked, and even iconic photos of threesomes have previously been featured in this company’s campaigns. This is why we feel so comfortable with the direction that Carlota Guerrero has taken us in to represent our new claim. Because, for us, Love Different means loving your differences.

And it also means loving in a different way.

Platform for creative talent

In addition to Carlota Guerrero, we brought in a crew from Spain and other parts of the world to stage this show. We work as a platform for creative talent and creating families of artists is one of our objectives. Meet the talent that made this Miami Loves Different 2020 show possible.

Crew list

Creative Direction by Carlota Guerrero Music selection by Carlota Guerrero (Yofrangel, “La nota se me encampana”; Nidia Minaj, “Underground”; Niagara, “Graffiti”; Shlohmo, “Couch”; Burial, “Forgive”; Shigeto, “First Saturn Return”) Styling by Alicia Padrón
Art direction on set by Pol Agustí Casting by Natalie Lin
Animations and projection mapping by Mau Morgo
Music video editing by Nicolas Feriche (with some tracks from El Guincho) Images by Alejandro Sonoro, Aran Martí- nez Solana and BFA


Lola Leon kisses Kristen (@sukebanbruja).
Naomi Shimada (@naomishimada) kisses Jorge Lledias (@jorgiefrankenstein).
Alejandra Smits (@alejandrasmits) kisses (@arielkellogg). Octaveo @octaveo kisses Alisa (@alisaxh).
Kelsey (@froeverever) kisses Isaiah.
Reinier (@reymundo0) kisses Omaly (@omalytrejo).
Helen (@orange.mooon) kisses Akia (@akiadorsainvil). Tony kisses Veronica (@vero_cv).
Kev (@SaluteKev) kisses Emmanuel (@dreaminslow).
Mario (@marioben_nett) kisses Alisa (@alisaxh).
Jada (@jadamichael) kisses Arielle (@ariellefrancois). Mario (@marioben_nett) kisses Maya (@mayaa.antonia) who, in turn, kisses Gabrielle Montes de Oca (@gabriellem- cguiness).
Rymarkable Miracle (@iamrymarkable) kisses
Astrielle (@astrilla_x).
Joel (@joel.riveraa) kisses Chaselle (@chazillionaire). Isabella (@phat.belly) kisses Stevenson (@Stevensonjean).

What kisses did we capture at our show at Art Basel Miami Beach 2019?

Among the attendees at our show were personalities from the world of fashion, art, film and music such as Miranda Makaroff, María Escoté o Esteban Cortazar. To infect every guest with the emotion of the kiss, the photocall was presented as a ‘Kiss Corner’.

Our 2020 collection: no seasons, 100% Desigual

Desigual is colour, lightness, floral and ethnic prints, patchwork in every sense of the word, nineties style, Mayan fabric and combinations that, until now, you may have thought impossible. Our collection is divided into seasons, but our style is our own, it’s free and it doesn’t follow established trends. Which is why, in this show, we want to demonstrate everything we’ll be presenting in 2020: no strings attached, mixing. We believe in the “garment for life” and that’s why we don’t think the seasonal calendar should dictate the aesthetic framework of our styles. We are floaty dresses in January and June, we are flowers no matter what, and above all, we are colour.

In spring-summer 2020, we will be showing off the new Desigual image for the first time. Defined by colour and sustainability, the collection will offer new designs and patterns and mark a turning point for the company, the beginning of a new era for Desigual. In autumn-winter we will examine our archives, reclaiming stories of who we are and continuing to believe in our colourful, happy-hippy and sustainable style (20% of the collection is eco-friendly).

Carlota Guerrero: from Barcelona with Love

Carlota Guerrero is tenderness, diversity and bodily expression. A director, photographer and creative director who lives and works in Barcelona. She was born in this city in 1989 and started to experiment with film photography in her teens as she documented her personal life. Little by little, she has created her own imagery and language that she now uses to convey the things that move her, thus building an inventory of experiences and ideas. Her work is characterised by a search for balance, loops, cycles and a very specific use of colour and light. After collaborating with Solange Knowles as an art director and on the artworks and music videos of A Seat at the Table as a photographer, she is currently working on her personal projects, researching concepts like self-knowledge, instincts, physical expression and femininity.

This is Desigual, my friend.

We were born in 1984 through a (now iconic) jacket made from scraps of vintage jeans. This was one of the world’s first upcycled garments, which is why we carry a commitment to the planet in our genes: every day we strive to make our collections more sustainable and to improve our processes. We are a creative company that uses fashion so our customers can express their optimism and the best version of themselves. We are no less than 3700 people in 90 (very different) countries who – through 10 sales channels, more than 500 branded stores and six product categories: Woman, Man, Kids, Accessories, Shoes and Sport – dress millions of colour-seeking people around the world.

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