Desigual ❤️  Maria Escoté | Our first collaboration: truly urban, 90s-inspired and in the form of a virtual flower shop
Desigual ❤️  Maria Escoté | Our first collaboration: truly urban, 90s-inspired and in the form of a virtual flower shop

Desigual ❤️ Maria Escoté | Our first collaboration: truly urban, 90s-inspired and in the form of a virtual flower shop

The first collaboration between Desigual and Spanish designer María Escoté explores an urban and colour-filled manga universe where flowers play the leading role. A casual, passionate and energetic collection that invites us to rethink autumn. Two Spanish brands joining forces to remind us that fashion is a means of expression which can make us feel good and elevate our spirits.

Colour, passion and fun are the keys to María Escoté’s first collection for Desigual. All this in a virtual flower shop where you’ll discover the garments, each with the power to fill you with positive energy just by looking at them. For this atypical autumn, we present a collection filled with flowers, colours and messages of optimism and excitement.

The collection.
Modern, manga, urban, colourful and passionate.

A collaboration filled with exclusive prints that’s as desirable as it is unique. Designer María Escoté drew inspiration from her childhood and the 90s to create a colour-filled collection with her own prints, which mix flowers and polka dots. Tight dresses that enhance the silhouette, tracksuits and casual garments, total looks in denim and XXL jumpers combined with accessories, like the mini-backpack or the bowling bag. This 15-item collection showcases her most characteristic cuts, managing to be truly urban, fun and casual while simultaneously sophisticated and oozing street style for everyday life. A perfect fusion of the universes of Desigual and María Escoté.

Inspiration and creative process.
Manga, urban, colour, passion and flowers.

“I wanted to draw inspiration from the 90s, when I first discovered Desigual while wandering around my city, Barcelona. I have always loved illustration and Asian culture; back then I was obsessed with manga and I always dreamt of creating my own illustrations.” A collection made up of thousands of flowers painted in pink, red, black, purple and yellow. Together, Desigual and María Escoté want to convey pure energy: “I’m delighted to bring colour, enthusiasm, passion and happiness to an optimistic September, full of colour and lots of light!” said Escoté.

María Escoté.
Colourful, rebellious, creative, passionate and different.

One of the most internationally renowned Spanish designers who has dressed Beyoncé, Zendaya, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry, and whose garments have appeared on red carpets all over the world. But we’re also sure that her urban-pop designs have surprised you on the street. Her mother was a knitter and darner, her father a painter, and from the union of these creative universes came María Escoté, who launched her own brand in 2008. To her, fashion is a means of expression and this collection is her declaration of intent.

Barcelona, colour, fun, sea and a smile.

“What I have always loved and what attracts me most to Desigual it is its chromatic language. Desigual was a burst of energy, its garments brought freshness, boldness and positivity, a new code for the period which was being delivered by a Spanish brand for the first time.” The creative process behind this collaboration has been wonderful. If there is a value that brings Desigual and María Escoté together, it is freedom, both on a professional and personal level. “Feeling free and seeing how anything you say will always be respected and accepted is what has made me fall in love with Desigual.”


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