Miranda Makaroff presents Planet Escape
Miranda Makaroff presents Planet Escape

Miranda Makaroff presents Planet Escape

Are you eager to experience a (real) movie this Christmas? Follow Desigual and Miranda Makaroff’s lead and make your own film with dresses from the third new collection designed for our Mediterranean brand by this illustrator and actor. Vibrant colours, prints of female bodies blended into anthropomorphic characters and, since we all need it and we’re so good at it, lots of humour.

The new FW20 collection from Miranda Makaroff for Desigual

Loose patterns, or cuts that sculpt the female form. Symmetrical kisses or impossible animals. Mesh on print or super warm tricot. Whatever the weather, the point is to have fun, fill yourself with energy and say ciao to the negativity and bad vibes around us. Planet Escape is Miranda Makaroff’s third collection for Desigual. We both came into the world in 1984, we both love filling life with fantasy and we both like to never go unnoticed. This is a collection designed for having fun at any time, whether you’re dancing on your carpet or filling the streets with colour, as well as for combining in a thousand different ways – heels or socks, it’s your choice – and always conveying happiness. Do these gifts have the most positive vibes ever? Probably.

Colourful, fun and different

Lemon yellow, pale pink, iris purple, off white and night black all feature in an undulating collection made up of roll-neck stretchy T-shirts, a tricot jumper with a symmetrical kiss, cropped organic cotton culottes, a semi-sheer dress made from recycled materials, a unisex shirt and masks adorned with the collection’s print. Not forgetting some very special pieces like the two-piece suit featuring a black and white animal design, or the two coats: one loose and padded with an arty print and the other an evasé yellow trench coat with pink faux-fur collars and a print featuring horses and flowers.

A refuge this Christmas: Planet Escape

With Planet Escape we invite you to experience a 2020 away from planet Earth. In our film, a group of friends decide to escape reality and embark on an intergalactic journey that takes them to an unknown planet. There they will find mystical beings, magical nature and even a party… now that’s what we call escaping reality!

Supporting cast: Rossy de Palma and Valentina Sampaio

Mirandella, the star of this story, is cheerful and fun with an imagination that knows no bounds. Rossy Odissy (Rossy de Palma), Mirandella’s lifelong friend, is bold, unapologetic and absolutely hilarious. Space Kittyna (Valentina Sampaio) is a new addition to the group, she may seem naive and innocent but appearances can be deceiving. Discover this film directed by Gorka Postigo and styled by Alicia Padrón.

  • Photographer/Director: Gorka Postigo
  • Art Director: Olatz Azcona
  • Stylist: Alicia Padrón
  • Hair Stylist: Sergio Jiménez
  • Makeup Artist: Víctor Álvarez
  • DoP: Dani F. Abelló
  • Editing: Martes Estudio
  • BTS: Aran Martínez

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Miranda Makaroff & Desigual

This Catalan artist was born in the same year as us, 1984, and in the same city, Barcelona :) She has created three collections in collaboration with Desigual, and all of them speak of colour, femininity and freedom. Daughter of designer Lydia Delgado and singer-songwriter Sergio Makaroff, Miranda is a multifaceted artist: painter, illustrator, designer, DJ and actor. She's fun, multitalented, curious, cheerful and an endless source of good vibes. She loves self-help books, reflecting on everyday social aspects that we usually take for granted, and unveiling colourful and crazy worlds filled with creativity through her Instagram account, "I love colour because it’s my vitamin, my passion."

"My goal is to convey positive energy and fun because I think that’s something that has been left on the back burner of fashion. We have become somewhat enslaved and crazy about trends, and I think it’s important to see fashion from a viewpoint of freedom, creativity and playfulness."

We were born in 1984 through a (now iconic) jacket made from scraps of vintage jeans. This was one of the world’s first upcycled garments. We are a creative company that uses fashion so our customers can express their optimism and the best version of themselves. We are in no less than 89 (very different) countries with 10 sales channels, and with our Woman, Man, Kids, Accessories, Shoes and Sport collections, we dress millions of colour-seeking people around the world.