The Color Oracle
The Color Oracle

The Color Oracle

It's spring and María Escoté knows it, celebrates it and reclaims it. With this Desigual collaboration she invites you to connect your chromatic energies, inspiring you to experience a season full of color.

María Escoté's new collection for Desigual is designed to revitalize.

Color, energy and innovation.

Connect with a spring full of color and positive energy.

Like snakes... when spring arrives we shed our skin and use the energy of colors to re-emerge and make ourselves seen. That's why we're presenting a collection to revive our most seductive energy, make our most creative side shine, and inject positivity, color and passion into life. In the words of María Escoté herself, "In this collection I wanted to create my own color goddesses, those color activists that can bring us the necessary chromatic energy for this spring/summer, something that is so important this year".

Our second collection in collaboration with María Escoté is an arsenal of powerful colors, prints and fits: a true oracle of color. Explosions of flowers, mythological-inspired snakes and arcade elements, in bright, luminous tones with neon touches. Feminine shapes with prints that create volume and highlight the woman coexist with more urban pieces with a strong streetstyle essence.

Check out the new season's chromatic energies

Three star prints connect with these energies on three levels:

Are you ready to revive your most seductive energy?

Body: we connect with the sensual and seductive energy of snake print. A hypnotic print.

Do you feel like bringing out your most creative and wild side?

Mind: the natural and exuberant energy of a tropical print. Discover agundance and your wild side.

Are you in the mood to inject passion, vitality and energy into your life?

Soul: the explosive, joyful and passionate energy of the Vulcano print, a splash of powerful colors and a strong snake presence. Connect with strength and vitality in a volcano of positivity.

Explosion of inspiration

Maria has been inspired by the power of colors and their energies, connecting them with her particular universe of mythologically-inspired snakes in bright, luminous tones with neon touches. In the words of María Escoté, "What I look for with my color range is to provoke; it is very studied and thought out so, without realizing, it ends up captivating you". In a collection of eighteen fun and provocative garments and accessories, all very feminine and powerful.

Innovation: our first avatar

We discovered this actress before she was nominated for a Goya and before she was cast in Pedro Almodóvar's Parallel Mothers, when she eclipsed us with her non-conformist style, creative strength and natural charm. "There is a phrase I like a lot, 'There are no second chances for first impressions'; for me the important thing is not to stop being who I am just because a certain number of people like me. If my taste and style make a difference, let it be through who I am, what I want to show.”

"This is my first campaign since this boom and to me, Maria seems to be a very special person. I have felt very connected to her for a long time, and that we have very similar energies and ways of thinking, that we understand each other.”

In addition, for the first time we turned Milena Smit into a CGI avatar to present this collection in the role of the chromatic goddesses. They live in the three-dimensional digital universes of this retro-futuristic Oracle of Color inspired by the prints of the collection itself. One hundred and fourteen high-definition cameras, synchronous shots and Milena Smit in 3D, turned into an avatar. Desigual explores new visual and immersive codes which, through 3D and virtual worlds, allow us to approach the garments from different angles, with a more complete and real 360o experience. A new capsule collection presented with a fresh artistic and aesthetic approach, more in tune with new visual scenes, tastes and interests, in the context of a clear surge in access to virtual content by new audiences.

The Soviet digital artist Julia Salnikova is the creator of the virtual spaces and sets where Milena Smit's avatar comes to life, thanks to 3D-animation specialist Adem el Halel.

Shu Digital's expert Spanish team was responsible for 3D scanning the protagonist and the garments using the three-dimensional photogrammetry technique. This technique allows the character to be displayed in three dimensions, at very high definition, and is used in the world of video games, cinema and special effects.

New María Escoté x Desigual SS21 collection

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