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What is Awesome Lab

Awesome Lab is Desigual's open innovation hub. We support startups that can solve the key challenges facing the fashion industry.

A commitment, in collaboration with Wayra, to promoting technology startups in the seed and growth phases that are interested in developing pilot projects with our business areas and generating new opportunities for growth.

What we are looking for. These are some of our areas of interest
Customer experience
  • Online & Off-line: Improve users' experience and their interactions with the brand Increase customers' confidence when buying any product and choosing their size online.
  • Customer Journey: To help us understand our customers behavior in a holistic way. to keep moving towards a frictionless customer journey taking into account the omnichannel complexities.
  • Tech design: Fit in new technologies throughout the design process that can keep up with the quality standards within the house.
  • Customer first: To place the customer in the center of our decisions and connect with various forms of creativity
  • Unique & distinctive: To keep up with our brand image being aspirational, unique and distinctive.
  • Connection: To emotionally connect with our client and build up community.
  • Access to talent: Predictive models to have a better match and access talent.
  • Employee experience: Promote professional growth Shifts and tasks optimization
  • Supply chain Optimization: Improved demand predictions. Smart stock management. Import and transport optimization. Early detection of possible interruptions.
  • Sourcing & Procurement: How to reduce the time to Go to Market being more sustainable and efficient.
  • Materials: Discover new materials, improve production processes taking into account aspects such as recycling and traceability.
  • Circularity: Extend products' life's cycle and move to a more circular business model.
  • Traceability: Digitization of the value chain
What we offer.
  • Access to Desigual experts You will be able to work with fashion sector experts
    Networking Events participation and access to a global network of contacts to expand your business.
    Financing Possibility to access investment of up to €350,000 from Wayra to boost your startup.
  • Visibility Your startup featured in mass communication channels.
    Pilot Possibility to conduct a pilot test with Desigual.
    Pitch Day with investors Present your startup to Wayra Ventures and La Vida Es Chula to explore investment opportunities.

Apply here if you think we’re a good match.

The startups. Some of the startups that have participated in Awesome Lab
Apply here and we'll get in touch if we think we're a good match.

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Contacts from the Innovation Department: Eva Sirera Technology Innovation Leader Desigual [email protected]

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