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Iconic Jackets.

1984. Thomas Meyer created the first Desigual jacket with scraps of vintage jeans and breaks moulds. Thus, one of our icons was born. Today, we're making a new version for you and we're launching new exclusive editions, customized by collaborating artists.

La Iconic 86.

In 1986 a famous singer fell in love with this jacket, so much in love that he bouth 20. For us, it will always be "la 86", a unique number and one that connects histories.

A jacket so unique that it is the only Iconic bomber that mixes jeans and white fabric, with a positioned print of Mickey and Minnieand with the first Desigual logo. Exactly the same as the original model.

Born in 86. The word "change" takes on a new dimension when it is spoken from the mouth of the rapper, activist and poet Mykki Blanco. She is able to transform herself without the need to change scenarios or lose her essence . Mykki is a thousand and one things at the same time, but above all , she's the voice of an era.

Iconic jackets.

Exclusive editions of the iconic jacket, remade in collaboration with artists.

Desigual Iconic Jackets by Jordi Mollá