laBox. by Bela Borsodi

Four boxes. Four colours. Four emotions. Open one up every month!


Purple Box.


They say the colour Purple is pure imagination. Open the box and let out the denim jackets and accessories, a contemporary reinterpretation of our essence.

A sporty and sophisticated mix.

We are combining denim with plush sleeves and hoods. And we’re adorning them with embroidery, sequins and floral patches. Opposites attract!

Legends of old.

Fire-breathing dragons. Leopards running as fast as the wind. Jackets with designs that tell extraordinary stories.

This isn’t a bomber.

It’s an unprecedented jacket. One with a body composed of different textures with frayed edges.

And that is only some of our denim...

Discover it all

Accessorise your Box

With a messenger, trainers or a bag?

Human after all.

Our iconic Humans are back in the form of a detail at the front of a small denim messenger bag. Completely ready for your denim total look!

On the path of peace.

These are trainers with a message. Their golden peace symbols and slogans will take you on the road to serenity.

Join the Unboxing.

Life in glorious technicolour. Stimulating yellow, casual purple, black, green, white, orange... Sign up for the Unboxing of our new collection and we’ll make sure you’re the first to know every time there’s a new Box available. We’ll see you Next Box!

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