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  • What we look for.
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What is Awesome Lab

Awesome Lab is Desigual's open innovation hub. We support startups that can solve the key challenges facing the fashion industry.

A commitment, in collaboration with Wayra, to promoting technology startups in the seed and growth phases that are interested in developing pilot projects with our business areas and generating new opportunities for growth.

What we offer.

Access to Desigual experts

You will be able to work with fashion sector experts


Access to a global network of contacts to expand your business


Access to the key investors in the ecosystem


Promotion and participation in events

Business opportunities

You can conduct a pilot project with a Desigual department

Apply here and we'll get in touch if we think we're a good match.

What we are looking for.

These are some of our areas of interest

Off-line & Online: improvements in the customer experience and his interaction with the brand. Connecting their offline experience to the one online. New payment methods.

Tech design: fit in new technologies throughout the design process. Client centricity: having objective inputs on our clients’ needs and expectations regarding product.

Data Analytics for clients. Product performance Global Pricing

Access to talent Creative booster

Optimizing the logistics channel: last mile deliveries, intralogistics, seamless integration with partners, RFID and operations automation. Seamless returns

End of life

The startups.

Some of the startups that have participated in Awesome Lab


Headquarters: London / United Kingdom Founded in: 2020 Field of action: Phygital

Vestico combines artificial intelligence and the content generated by users to show buyers how garments will look on them before they make a purchase. To accomplish this, Vestico's engine matches the data from the buyer and images published by other people with a similar body shape who bought the garment. The buyer's data are compiled to continually improve their shopping experience, thus helping to reduce product returns.


Syrup Tech

Headquarters: Boston, United States Founded in: 2020 Field of action: Product interactions. Traceability. Inventory Systems

Syrup Tech is a machine-learning engine for stock optimisation. The goal is to increase direct sales of stock at full price, prevent stock shortages, decrease unnecessary excess stock and, with it, reduce over-production.



Headquarters: Madrid, Spain Founded in: 2020 Field of action: Product interactions. Traceability. Inventory Systems.

SwearIt transforms traceability in transparency. By integrating a SwearIt QR code, you can directly share anything that consumers want to know about the organisation, its products and its services, and everything is verified with blockchain technology.


Personify XP

Headquarters: Madrid, Spain Founded in: 2018 Field of action: E-commerce tools. End-to-end commerce journey.

Using artificial intelligence and machine-learning, Personify XP anonymously analyses and interprets the behaviour of visitors in real time. By doing so, it identifies their preferences automatically and shows the content most relevant to them from the first interaction.



Headquarters: Brussels, Belgium Founded in: 2017 Field of action: End of life. Circular economy.

Resortecs® makes recycling easier thanks to its large-scale automatic disassembling system for garments. Its patented system is 5 times quicker than any existing methods, which allows up to 90% of the original fabric to be recycled and for classification and recycling to be done in a smart way at a global scale. Driving circularity in the fashion industry, without compromising on quality or creativity.



Headquarters: Munich, Germany Founded in: 2021 Field of action: Last mile delivery and returns. Traceability. Inventory systems.

Exonode is launching a new customer-centric solution aimed at minimising return rates. Thanks to its machine-learning algorithm, it identifies the offers that make customers change their minds and incentivises the customer in a personalised manner when they request a return, taking into account their browsing and shopping history.



Headquarters: New York City, United States Founded in: 2021 Field of action: End of life. Circular economy.

Thanks to artificial intelligence and a patented design model that allows designs to be optimised from their creation, SXD succeeds in reducing fabric waste to 0 and cutting costs by 55%.


Apply here and we'll get in touch if we think we're a good match.

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