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What is Desigual?

In reality, Desigual isn't a brand. It's a group of people who believe in the power of creativity as a way of life.

Our story.

Thomas Meyer created Desigual in 1984, in the Barcelona neighbourhood of El Raval, when he designed a jacket that is now considered one of the fashion sector's first ever upcycled products. Then filmmaker Isabel Coixet whispered a word, "Desigual", and accompanied it with the motto "no es lo mismo" ("it's not the same").

Spanish graphic designer, illustrator and sculptor, Peret, sketched our first logo: the Humans (a woman and a man holding hands... naked). And architect Tonet Sunyer designed the first Desigual store in Ibiza's port in 1986.

Those years served as a meeting point for many people who were fascinated by this free, authentic, optimistic, unapologetic and Mediterranean universe which, from Barcelona, continues to inspire the world more than three decades later.

In 2006 we crossed the border. Our first international destination was Singapore, and from there we expanded into the Asian market. Later on, we landed in the United States with the opening of our New York store in 2009. And it was in 2010 when Desigual opened its first store in Latin America, Colombia to be exact.

In June 2019, we started a new chapter with a renewed identity that is more in tune with why, how and what we do. It's the identity of a brand that is transforming and adjusting to new consumption habits, trends and an omni-channel model that allows us to connect with our consumers wherever they are, whenever they need us. An evolution through which we aim to continue offering a distinct experience to anyone who engages with our brand.

In 2020, we turned 36, we grew, we matured and we realised that if there's something missing from the world, it's a little more love. Which is why we want to inspire and help anyone who looks to us to help them love what makes them different and, also, to love differently. Love Different is our new brand claim, a leitmotiv that will stay with us. We are the result of a vision to dress people through a different way of making clothes - clothes that have the power to change moods - because we believe that dressing is a declaration of intent.

Around the world.

How about traveling around the globe, going from one Desigual store to the next? We are waiting for you, all over the world.

Our headquarters.

You will never imagine how Desigual looks from the inside:

20.000 square meters surrounded by the sea.

The huge terrace overlooking Ibiza.

750+ people working from different places.

Districts for each activity.

Places to meet and share new ideas and projects.

Inspiration areas.

The "Kantina".

The natural light.

Our "happymeter".

The surfboard parking area.

A building conceived to make people enjoy their job.

Waste collection points.

Dynamic organization.

We are right where you want us: the street, the web, in big stores or in that little airport shop to get the last gift before you go back home.

We are committed to delivering to you any type of product as fast as possible, regardless of how and where you purchased it.

To do so, we have our own 2 logistics centers in Gavà and Viladecans and two additional ones in New Jersey and Hong Kong that handle 55 million garments every year.

In October 2015 we opened the Viladecans center that stretches over 23,500 sq meters and has a storing capacity of 200,000 boxes of Desigual.

Life & facts. We are a multi-category and multi-channel company. We design, distribute and sell 6 product categories through 10 channels in about 107 countries. Check this out.
We were born in 1984. In Barcelona
10. distribution channels Retail Season, Retail Outlet, Franchises, D-Shops, Flash Sales,, E-Tailers, Department Stores, Wholesale, Travel Retail
3. Logistics centers one in Barcelona, Viladecans; one in EEU.UU., in Ner Jersey; and one in Hong-Kong
6. Product categories: Woman, Man, Kids, Sport, Accessories, Shoes
+400. employees. in our headquarters
Present in 107. Countries
+215. Stores.
Offices in more than 15. Countries
Around 2,300. employees.