Our distinguishing features include the building of beneficial relationships with all the people linked to Desigual, as well as seeking a different way of producing fashion and conducting ourselves.

We drafted our first Code of Conduct in 2009. It is reviewed periodically and in 2018 we redefined the latest version.

Since then, we have been working with a focus on the suppliers in our supply chain, a key issue for us. To us, it is important to collaborate with highly specialised and experienced suppliers with whom we maintain a very close relationship. Moreover, any supplier who wants to enter into a commercial relationship with Desigual must commit to complying with stringent and responsible requirements with regard to working conditions, fulfilling environmental requirements in the supply chain, and passing an approval process that allows us to assess whether or not this is the case.

Our Strategic Sustainability and CSR Plan includes the commitment to strengthen the transparency and traceability of our supply chain. This is supported by the publishing of our list of suppliers from textile factories across the world. Moreover, our membership to Amfori and Sedex allows us to measure and improve the social and environmental performance of our supply chain on a daily basis through the BSCI and SMETA auditing systems.

Code of Conduct and ethics.

Suppliers who want to work with Desigual must fulfil the requirements contained in our Code of Ethics (CE) and our Code of Conduct (CoC). Before they start working with us, we assess them to verify that they comply with said requirements.

To ensure that our supply chain meets the requirements of our CE and CoC we have developed a Compliance Programme for our suppliers.

  • Assessment tools: these help us to understand and measure our suppliers’ level of compliance.
  • On-site audits by an independent entity.
  • Self-assessment questionnaires via an online platform.
  • Improvement tools: to help the supplier rectify non-conformities identified during audits and assessments.
  • Action plans
  • Specific training
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