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Be Your Own Muse



“Close your eyes and be yourself”, says Helen. And her brush throws out colours with dashes of colourful freedom and a very individual and well-defined style. Lively, with a young and very relaxed style, this Korean artist was inspired by “each and every one of the people I’ve met during my life, I’ve always learnt something”.
Colourful and energetic, like her self-portrait, Helen invites us to look for inspiration inside ourselves, and manifests it in this dress.
“Close your eyes and be yourself. My art is a freedom of my expression. ”


Between black, white and words, @Monstruo_Espagueti creates extraordinary worlds, with stories of strong women who laugh at almost anything life throws at them. With her own style and fun from the first comma.
Today, she’s inviting us to read between the lines of her definitive self-portrait, which she chose this shirt for.
‘Be your own muse’ means trust your instincts. It’s empowering.



Alice uses her semi-realistic paintings to create free, safe, utopian spaces where she tells us stories of friendship, femininity, tolerance and self-love. Without imposing any restrictions on herself.
Her self-portrait is a look at herself, intricate and tender. And this is the blouse she chose.
Muses have traditionally been women inspiring male painters, and that makes me want to change the cliché. I am the muse and the artist.


Verónica’s graphic, contemporary, colour-filled world defines her constantly-evolving individual style. She portrays independent women, who love fashion but don’t compromise their individuality, taking inspiration from themselves: “I choose, I make my decisions.”
When it comes to being her own muse, she is very clear: “I feel proud of who I am”. And she chose the energy of this blouse.
“My work is about how I see the world: more fun, easy and fair for everyone.”



With an artistic vocabulary that’s clearly her own, Helen sets off on a constant search for the authentic and incomplete, establishing mutual understandings with flaws without compromising the energy and fun of her style.
She uses that energy and bold strokes to create her self-portrait with this handpaint dress she chose.
“Flaws are our friends!” @helendebullock

Everyone has a muse that inspires them. Why not be your own? At Desigual, we’re celebrating World Art Day with very special creations that are full of life. Check out the work of artists and illustrators inspired this time by themselves to create incredible works of art. Be your own inspiration, be your own muse!