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Black Friday Desigual 2024



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Ready to enjoy Black Friday at Desigual?

When the cold weather arrives, so do the special discounts for Black Friday. Right in time for your pre-Christmas events, it’s the perfect opportunity to find Christmas presents and buy warm new clothes.
Be sure of what you're looking for: Garments that are on trend, the most common sizes, gift items and warm clothes are the most popular.

We’ll keep you up to date with everything you need to know to make the most of your purchases.

What is Black Friday?

It’s the day that all stores launch offers and discounts and it always falls on the Friday after the American holiday of Thanksgiving. Why Black and why Friday? There is a reason for this, and a history of over 50 years:

This day, in the United States, marked the start of Christmas shopping and the streets and stores filled with people looking to buy gifts. The initial idea of making this date something special appeared in Philadelphia in the early 1960s. From then until now, the idea has spread all over the world.

Why Black? There are two different explanations:

One is that the police were dealing with the avalanche of people and cars that were out and about that Friday, and started to call it “Black Friday”.
Another idea is the mention of “black” in reference to the positive bank accounts achieved by the high sales that day, moving from “red” to “black” thanks to the surplus from that day.

When does Black Friday start at Desigual?

This year, Black Friday will fall on the last Friday in November, and even though it's only one day, at Desigual we’re extending the discounts. As a member of Desigual CLUB, you can find offers on the days leading up to Black Friday.

At Desigual you can enjoy Black Friday discounts on womenswear and accessories at our stores and online at And you'll get free shipping on all of your purchases.

The clothes sell out on these days. So we encourage you to pick out your favourites and put them in your shopping bag so that everything is ready to go.

Make the most of it: Black Friday tips for Desigual womenswear

Get ready in advance, take a look at everything, find what you like the most and get it at the best price:

  • Visit our stores or our website
  • Make a list with the garments or accessories you like the most, or mark them as “Favourites” on your Wishlist.
  • First buy the garments and accessories on your list, make sure you don’t miss out. Later you’ll have time to keep looking and finding more opportunities.
  • Look at the discounts, you’ll always see them next to the original price. That way, you’ll know how much you’re saving with the various offers.

What discounts will you find on Black Friday at Desigual?

There are often one-off discounts on Black Friday , or different types of discounts on various selections of items.

You can find all of our items at a very special discounted prices over the Black Friday sales, and even better offers.

Women’s dresses, bags and accessories, men's and kids' clothes, accessories... Don’t miss out.

The discounts are different every year, so there's always a surprise; keep an eye out to make sure you’re the first to get them. Discover them first and enjoy the special prices on Black Friday Desigual 2024.

And after Black Friday,

Cyber Monday Desigual.



Want more? More time, ideas and discounts? After Black Friday is Cyber Monday Desigual and it only lasts for one day, so you have to pay attention.