Nathy Peluso
Nathy Peluso

Nathy Peluso

With Nathy Peluso and in black and white: this is the new Desigual campaign.


Barcelona, 21 September 2022.

Nathy Peluso is the face of Desigual this autumn. In the images, the brand and the artist strip down. Nathy bares her skin - she is appearing without clothes for the first time in a fashion brand's campaign - and Desigual sheds its colour.

These images are a celebration of the essential, of what has truly brought both parties to this moment: their respective strength, pride, passion, confidence.... Because Nathy Peluso and Desigual have always been true to themselves.

"I don't ask for forgiveness or permission anymore," states the artist in the campaign video, paraphrasing one of her songs. This declaration of intent encapsulates the philosophy of life that connects Desigual and Nathy Peluso: being true to yourself, sincerely.

Co-creating the project

Desigual and the artist have worked side by side to co-create this campaign, which is key for both parties.

For the brand, partnering with Nathy Peluso is a strategic move. "Our values align with Nathy's and that was a determining factor in proposing that we develop this project together," said Thomas Meyer, founder of Desigual. "She is also a renowned singer and songwriter, with an undeniable international profile and a meteoric career. Having her as our ambassador will enable us to connect with a fresh audience, with women who identify with her and the messages in her songs. We are confident that this audience will also be drawn to our new collection, which is brimming with Desigual DNA and features designs that express the personality of whoever chooses to wear them."

The brand, which previously collaborated with the artist in 2019, believes that this alliance with Nathy Peluso is a turning point. Desigual wants to assert itself as an influential player in the fashion ecosystem, which is why it has chosen a leading figure as the face of its campaign.

It is precisely this label, that of a leader, that Peluso wears with pride and self-confidence, two of the values that are at the heart of the campaign. "I'm proud that my people identify with what I do, that they take aspects of my culture and message and make them their own," she says.

The campaign photographs - four nudes and a portrait - are the work of Txema Yeste. In them, Nathy Peluso uses a bag to strategically cover her body. The piece is a leather design for Desigual by Maitrepierre, the French firm with which the brand will launch a collection this season. The bag is available in yellow, black and white and will also come in a mini version that's only in white. The images will be displayed in Desigual store windows around the world and will be the centrepiece of an outdoor advertising campaign in Spain.

The video, which will be shown as a TV advertisement, is directed by Pau López (Manson) and features the artist in a stylised environment, moving to the beat, full of energy. The bag is also the featured piece in the footage, where Nathy wears a custom-made jumpsuit by Desigual's design team.

About Desigual

Desigual is an international fashion brand that was established in Barcelona in 1984. It is famous for the individuality and unique character of its creations, which aim to bring positivity and authenticity to thousands of people who want to express the best version of themselves. The company currently has a workforce of over 2,600 employees and is present in 109 countries through 10 sales channels, 393 monobrand stores and 6 product categories: Woman, Man, Kids, Accessories, Shoes and Sport.

About Nathy Peluso

Nathy Peluso is a natural provocateur and a well-rounded artist who is always growing and positioning herself as a leading figure on the international music scene. Since the release of her debut album Calambre in 2020, the Argentina-born, Spain-based singer, rapper and songwriter has burst into the Latin music industry with her stylistic versatility and her mesmerising and explosive stage presence. In 2022 alone, Nathy performed at the likes of Coachella in California, Ceremonia in Mexico and headlined some of the biggest summer festivals in Spain, such as the renowned Sónar (Barcelona), BBK Live (Bilbao) and Mad Cool (Madrid). The Times newspaper recently gave her sold-out London show 5 stars and predicted that she is "on the fast track to superstardom."

The breathtaking album Calambre (390 million plays on digital platforms) won the Latin GRAMMY for 'Best Alternative Album' and was nominated for a GRAMMY in the 'Best Latin/Alternative Rock Album' category.