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Black Friday Desigual 2022



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We're getting ready for the next Black Friday at Desigual

When the cold arrives, the special Black Friday discounts arrive, too. They coincide with the pre-Christmas days and it's the perfect opportunity to find your Christmas gifts and buy warm clothing.
Don't miss out, they go fast! The trendiest clothes, the most common sizes, gift articles and garments for cold weather are the most in demand. So here we inform you of everything you need to know to take full advantage of your purchases.

Take note and get ready!

What is Black Friday?

It's the day that all the stores launch offers and discounts and it always coincides with the Friday after the American Thanksgiving holiday. Why Black and why Friday? There is a reason for this, and a story behind it that is over 50 years old:

That day marked the start of the Christmas shopping season in the United States and the streets and the shops were filled with people that had gone out to buy gifts. The initial idea of making that date special, began in Philadelphia at the beginning of the sixties. And from then until now, that idea has extended throughout the world.

Why Black? There are two different explanations:

One is that the police that dealt with the avalanche of people and cars that circulated through the streets on that Friday began to call it “Black Friday”.
Another is that “black” began to be spoken of in reference to positive accounts that the shops obtained that day due to the high sales, which went from “red” to “black” thanks to the surplus revenue of the day.

When does Black Friday begin at Desigual?

In 2022 Black Friday will fall on November 25, but although it initially only lasted one day, at Desigual we spread the discounts over the entire weekend. And you can even find offers on previous days, as a member of our Desigual Club program.

At Desigual, you can enjoy Black Friday both at our physical stores and at the online store. And you'll enjoy free shipping on all your purchases.

Choose your favourites before they run out.

Take full advantage: Practical tips for Desigual Black Friday

Come early, look over everything, find what you like most and get it at the best price!

  • Visit our stores or our online store,
  • Make a list with the garments or accessories you like most, or mark them as your “Favourites” on your Wishlist.
  • First buy the clothes and accessories you have on your list, don't be left without them! Later on, you'll have time to continue looking for and finding more bargains.
  • Look at the discounts. You'll always see them next to the original price. And that's how you'll know how much you save on the different offers.

What discounts will there be on Desigual Black Friday?

On Black Friday, at times one-time discounts are offered in the entire store, or else different types of discounts on various selections of articles.

On those special days, you can find all our articles at a very special % discount, and even better offers.

Women's dresses, women's bags and accessories, children and men's clothing… Don't miss them!

Every year the discounts vary. They're a surprise, and you have to pay attention to be the first to get them. Discover them first and enjoy the special Desigual Black Friday 2022 prices!

And after Black Friday,

Desigual Cyber Monday!



Do you want more? More ideas and discounts? Granted! After Black Friday begins Desigual Cyber Monday. It begins Monday 28 November at 12 midnight and only lasts one day, so pay attention!