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It feels so good to choose! If you're looking for a gift, this one always fits the bill: It's personalised, that special someone is sure to love it, and it never expires! It can be used on and also in official Desigual stores and outlets. + info

Desigual clothes gift card

There are times when finding the perfect gift can be tricky, headache-inducing and even irritating sometimes, which is why we recommend the Desigual gift card, a gift voucher that always hits the mark. Whoever receives the gift card will be able to pick out the clothes, accessories or shoes and boots they like the most from the women's collection, the men's collection and the kids' collection, for both girls and boys.
Available in different amounts, ranging from €50 to €500, the gift voucher is the perfect choice for your best friend's birthday, your sister's surprise party, your parents' anniversary or a Christmas present for that special someone.
Purchasing your gift card for Desigual clothes is easy. You have two options, the physical gift card that you can buy at any Desigual shop or the virtual gift card that you can purchase at
For the second option, the virtual gift card, all you have to do is fill in the recipient's key details and they will receive it instantly and directly via email. You can also add a thoughtful note that will make them feel even more special. Don't worry the next time you want to give clothes as a gift and opt for the Desigual clothes gift card; you're guaranteed to get it right.
Our gift card does not expire and can be used on and also in official Desigual stores and Desigual outlets.
Get ready to hit the mark with your next gift.