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Made with love.

The Mediterranean is what we are and what we are inspired by. This way of life is our language and is reflected in our designs, our stores and our communication. We believe in the idea of feeling comfortable in your own skin, of loving yourself, of being aware of the here and now, of feeling alive.

What we do.

At Desigual, we create pieces that identify with values like diversity, non-conformism and the freedom to be yourself.
Through unique garments, our purpose is to inspire people to be themselves and invite them to celebrate their authenticity regardless of the moment or situation.

We believe that we can be the creators of our own lives, and that to grow we need to free ourselves from all limitations and dare to step outside of our comfort zones.

How we do it.

This is the story that we translate into our Woman, Man, Kids, Sport, Accessories and Shoes collections, which are currently being sold in 90 countries through a range of distribution channels that includes our own stores, multi-brand points of sale, concessions in department stores, our store and online channels.

There are more than 3,700 of us from more than 100 different nations, we all share a unique way of working and, in just three decades, we’ve turned Desigual into one of Spain’s leading fashion brands.

We are a team who, thanks to our profound reflection and intense in-house work, are now ready to relaunch our brand and values and tell the story of a brand that once changed the rules of the game.

Our creative process.

Doing everything with love impacts on our deep creative and artistic essence. At Desigual we want our garments to ‘infect’ the people who wear them, or buy them for someone else, with this same attitude. This is why our design process is composed of six, distinctive steps.

1. Creative direction

Thomas Meyer gathers his team together before every kick-off and shares his ideas for the next season.

2. Computer off

Each collection starts with reviving Desigual’s early stages, when hand-drawn sketches and prints were affected right from the start by the magic of the Mediterranean. While we have grown, we keep our handmade heritage alive, and for one month and a half our design team works with their computers off. Only with their inspirations and ideas from the creative direction.

3. Arty inspiration

With these key concepts in mind, the designers travel and explore their proposal for the collection and put it onto paper. Each one of them using a different art technique: painting or collage.

4. Kick off

Thomas and the designers discuss all the proposals together. The final result is then digitalized. That is the moment when the collection starts coming together.

5. Expertise tables

Each sketch is created by the designers and graphic designers who handle the various parts of the collection, setting up a team with textile experts, product managers and pattern designers.

6. Supervision

Until the last finishing touch of every line, of every garment and of each part of the collection, they will all work under the creative director’s supervision.

Our goal.

We want to make the world a better place by designing products and experiences that spark people’s creativity.