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la Energy

Future meets past meets present

Barcelona’s energy is composed of myriad artistic atoms: cultural activists, ground-breaking talents, trend instigators and emerging creatives. It is its people. And that’s where we’re from; it’s what we live and breathe.

That’s the Energy that inspires our New Fall/Winter 2019 Collection.

Kai Landre

I experiment with music, so you could say I’m a musician.
Barcelona [Sant Cugat]

“Living differently is very Kai. Not staying still. Wandering around daydreaming with my head in the clouds.” With a unique imagination that’s ethereal, dreamlike and queer, Kai is an entire universe of creative freedom expressed through innovative avant-garde sound.

“Free, full of colours, queer, Barcelona is me.”

Annabel Huijberts

I study Chinese translation and go to great parties.
Barcelona [Cerdanyola del Vallès]

Queer activist, Annabel, is a blast of youth and freedom in the contemporary Barcelona underground scene with her parties and “scenes”. She’s a vivacious ground-breaker and very well-connected on social media too.
An aesthetic, social and creative whirlwind in her own right.
Live life to the full!

Jenny Chih-Chieh Teng

I’m a cook and Taiwanese culture developer.
Taipei - Barcelona [Gràcia]

Taiwan, Australia, and now Barcelona. Cook, calligrapher and cultural promoter. Through her gastro platform, Mellow Sheng, she serves culinary experiences with toppings of sensations.

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Alejandra Smits

I write, I perform and, sometimes, I work as a model.
Caracas - Barcelona [Vallcarca]

She transforms her gentle sensitivity into indomitable written strength. She disrupts, creates and inspires Barcelona with her writing. Alejandra Smits has conquered Instagram with her poetry within visual narratives and extraordinary written creations. Simply the best.

CPROD_Modulo Imagen 11

“I feel that Barcelona is like a curious spontaneous woman. With a lot of sudden mood changes.”

Mariona Placias

I’m always looking for interesting faces, I’m a Model Booker.
Barcelona [Esquerra de l’Eixample]

She’s always the first to travel through trends, in search of new faces. Trend style selector, Mariona, finds the creative potential that lies behind each face with its individual character, which she then inspires from Barcelona.

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“The artist lives where the artist creates.
The artist moves where the artist grows.”

la Energy vol.2