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Women's sweatshirts & hoodies

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Women's sweatshirts & hoodies

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Women's sweatshirts and hoodies, with or without a hood, have been conquering new territories for years that go beyond sports, intimacy, the comfort of home and the teenage years, because who doesn't remember the sweatshirts and hoodies that marked this stage of our lives? They were our favourite garments and where we showed our personality! Little by little, women’s sweatshirts and hoodies are taking over streetwear and moving away from the exclusivity of the gym as this season’s must-have, and we can even find them on the world’s most sought after runways or in photocalls together with our favourite celebrities. Sporting a total look with a women’s hoodie and matching trousers is sure to turn heads. 
At Desigual you’ll find a whole lot of designs of women’s sweatshirts and hoodies to choose from, where the colour and striking prints with natural elements like flowers and animal print are the stars, although of course we can’t forget the classic (and sombre) colours such as black, white, beige and grey. Some women’s sweatshirts and hoodies are covered with sequins or embroidered messages, and are available with or without a zipper. You will also find women’s sweatshirts and hoodies in different silhouettes such as oversized sweatshirts and hoodies or crop top sweatshirts and hoodies. Are you someone who has joined the logomania trend? Don't worry, we have also thought of you and we use our logo on some of our women’s sweatshirts and hoodies as the main element in the different prints of the new collection. 
It is already clear that the women’s sweatshirt occupies a special place in our wardrobe and sets the tone of many of our looks. However, it is not the only garment that holds this special status. We are talking about fine knit or chunky women’s pullovers, the women’s denim jacket, women’s black ankle boots, the women’s white shirt or the women’s slim-fit dress. Oh, and we’re forgetting the classic and timeless women’s trousers in neutral tones such as black or white and women’s jeans in some of their most characteristic silhouettes. We are referring to women’s cropped flare jeans, women’s regular flare jeans, women’s boyfriend jeans, women’s mom fit jeans or women’s skinny jeans. 
Starting with these basic garments, all that remains is to pair them with other more special and eye-catching garments, such as the most explosive women’s hoodies in the collection. But a look isn't complete until the footwear is decided. We quickly associate women’s sweatshirts and hoodies with trainers, but that’s not the only footwear they can work with. If you are looking for a casual look that’s not too informal, we recommend women’s high top trainers with a platform and a mix of fabrics such as floral jacquards, corduroy or tweed. But if you want a relaxed outfit with a cool and unexpected twist, pair oversized women’s sweatshirts and hoodies with women’s high heels or women’s ankle boots. The contrast of styles will be spot on.