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Women's Skirts and Shorts

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42 results

Women's Skirts and Shorts

42 results
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Our women's skirts have a clear intention: to make you feel beautiful and fashionable without sacrificing comfort. If you can have it all, why choose? Where you will have to choose (or perhaps not) is from all the models available for purchase, depending on your tastes or plans. Long and midi women’s skirts are the protagonists, season after season. Feminine and elegant, with prints and different shapes: pencil or fitted, maxi, pleated, asymmetrical... All options are innovative. Short skirts and mini skirts in straight cuts, with pleats or in godet A-line, are also available in all seasons, although they are especially popular in spring-summer. 
The more feminine and sensual ruching, with a front opening on long skirts, as well as the more youthful A-line cuts, are some of the favourites as an alternative to tube skirts. From striking animal print to tartan plaid and other geometric shapes, through flowers, camouflage and Arty designs, in the Desigual collection, women’s skirts add personality and uniqueness to the look. 
Special mention goes to women’s skirts with pleats, which in the Desigual collection are highlighted in asymmetrical cuts that are increasingly sought after and combined with solid fabric pieces. Faux crossovers, irregular effects and pronounced cuts are particularly popular in skirts for special occasions. The freshest and lightest option is found in the sarong-skirts, created in light fabrics with ruffles and prints. Ideal skirts for the warmer months, combined with T-shirts, shirts or cropped blouses. 
Let’s not forget women’s denim skirts, a must-have on the upswing in the last few seasons, and the key players in the Canadian tux. This classic is always suitable for almost any look, reinterpreted in more modern and trendsetting codes: with asymmetrical openings, panels and a combination of denim fabrics. A garment that allows you to create any type of outfit depending on how you combine it, enhancing both youthful and casual looks as well as more sophisticated options, regardless of the time of year. They go perfectly with crop tops, and message T-shirts, as well as with sweatshirts in the most casual styles. Or with tailored shirts, blouses and blazers and the right accessories for more versatile options. 
Women’s skirts are one of the three basic looks, along with women’s dresses and women’s trousers. A garment that, depending on how you wear it, becomes the protagonist of the outfit (thanks to its design, prints or pattern) or the wild card for several looks, if you opt for skirts with a classic cut and a more neutral design. 
Which to choose? Depending on the occasion and the use you are looking for, in the Desigual collection you will find styles and cuts created for every woman to express herself as she is, with her own personality. Check them all out in our Desigual stores and online store.