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Boy's Clothing

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Boy's Clothing


Children's clothing has evolved over seasons to become a qualitatively and thoughtfully designed fashion product, just like adult clothing. The trends we see season after season in our wardrobes also influence how we dress our little boys and girls.

In Desigual collections, the offerings for children are crafted with care to provide garments that meet both their expectations and those of their parents. Our commitment to creativity, innovation, and originality translates into collections that always seek to surprise, make an impact, and allow anyone who wears them, young or old, to express their full personality.

At Desigual our children's clothing catalog blends fashion and comfort. In winter, the selection includes padded jackets, denim or bomber jackets, boys' sweaters and sweatshirts, and girls' sweaters. In the specific category of girls' clothing, there are also dresses and skirts. For everyone, jeans, joggers, and other perfect pieces for dressing during the colder months.

When summer arrives, our section of children's clothing bursts with color: t-shirts, lightweight jackets, shorts, bermuda shorts, as well as cool dresses and numerous other possibilities to make their wardrobe summer-ready.

Regardless of the time of year, one constant in our children's collections is color. Our designs stand out with vibrant shades: pinks, reds, oranges, yellows, greens, purples, blues... None are left out of our palette. As with adult fashion, prints and the mix of textures are also our signature features: patchwork of different fabrics, denim combined with other materials, hybrid garments, super original prints, surprising motifs, embroidered details... Our dedication to creating children's fashion is evident in the details.

Something that unquestionably captures the attention of girls and boys is seeing their favorite character - from movies, TV, comics, video games - printed on a garment. Season after season, we select their favorite licenses and merge those fantasy worlds with Desigual's DNA. The result? Creations that immediately become favorites of the season in their own right. It's no wonder they're bestsellers.

Another characteristic of our children's collections are mini versions of our adult garments. If mom or dad and the little one want to match, it's easily achievable with Desigual. We love adapting prints and patterns into clothing for kids and also for adults.

Last but not least, in our proposals for boys and girls, sustainability is also crucial for Desigual. That's why many of the items are the result of responsible and sustainable processes and materials.

It's important to note that Desigual's children's collections can be purchased both online and at selected retail locations. No matter where you decide to buy one of our garments, our commitment is to offer an easy and comfortable experience for parents and make sure boys and girls enjoy their Desigual clothing.