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Women's pants

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Women's pants


Women’s pants are an essential part of most of our looks. We could say that it is one of the main basics of our wardrobe and not only that, but women’s pants often set the tone of our outfit, and the look is completed depending on this choice the look. To the question, ‘What should I wear today?’ We should answer with the style we want to be defined by: Elegant and sophisticated? Casual and informal? Elegant, but with a relaxed touch? 100% comfortable and functional? In Desigual’s collection of women’s pants there are as many options as you have questions and styles to choose from. 
Women’s jeans are a great canvas for partially putting something together, because due to the wide variety of fits available, you can create as many combinations as you can think of. They go with just about everything, from women’s T-shirts to women’s jumpers, women’s tops and women’s sweatshirts. Just as there was a time when the decade marked the silhouette of the pants (an example of this being women’s flared pants in the ‘90s and high-waisted and speckled pants in the ‘80s), nowadays this categorisation has been blurred to such an extent that all kinds of silhouettes coexist in both spring/summer and autumn/winter collections. Season after season, fits have been added to our wardrobes in such a way that rather than being replaced, we are spoilt for choice. All that matters now is that we feel comfortable with our choice of women's pants. Boyfriend, slim-fit and skinny pants (which you can find at Desigual in denim as well as in other fabrics) are among the more everyday options, but when the occasion calls for more sophistication, we have more flowy and wide-fit models such as palazzo or suit pants. 
Some of the most urban and fashionable women’s pants have torn and/or embroidered parts (flowers, drawings, positive messages, etc.) and you can choose from many colours (black, white, blue, grey, red, etc.), prints or embroidery. The most popular are the joggers that are characterised by their elastic waist with drawstrings, a straight cut and fitted ankles. However, they are closely followed by women’s leggings. They are one of the most comfortable and adaptable garments, as they adjust to your silhouette like no other, offering you a feeling of comfort that’s hard to match. Close behind are women’s tracksuit bottoms, which for years have moved on from the exclusive sports circuit and into other areas. This is largely due to the spread of urban fashion on social media, which has made tracksuit bottoms an essential part of the coolest looks of the moment and those with the largest number of followers.
Choose the perfect women’s pants depending on your plans and get them at both our physical stores and online.