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Designer phone bags

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5 results

Designer phone bags

5 results

It’s hard to think of plan where we can leave the house and forget about our mobile phone since it always goes with us. That’s why mobile phone bags have become a must-have accessory nowadays. They’re the key to carrying your mobile phone with you comfortably and safely, leaving space in your bag or pockets to go more lightly. Women's mobile phone accessories are here to stay, so you’ll find a selection of mobile phone wallets and mini bags in the new collection. It doesn’t matter which smartphone you have (iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, etc.) since you can choose from a wide range of original phone holders: models that are nylon, leather, waterproof, quilted or embroidered and with prints, glitter, different cords and straps, inlays, fun messages, neon colours etc. Plus, you can use Desigual’s mobile phone cases other ways; you can also use them as a purse or wallet to carry your cards, for example. Add a phone accessory to your looks and make it your go-to accessory.

Find all the models of mobile phone bags available in our physical stores and at You will find all kinds of models, from shopper bags to handbags with hundreds of patterns and colors.