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Kids' Clothing Sale

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Kids' Clothing Sale

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The Desigual kids’ Sales and Outlet clothes have great discounts applied to both the spring/summer and autumn/winter collections. You can get up to 50% off on a wide range of styles, including urban outfits, and casual, trendy and modern garments, with a wide variety of unisex pieces. Fun, modern, comfortable and colourful clothes designed especially for them, offering casual, fashionable style all year round. Padded coats, sweatshirts, long trousers and combined accessories such as scarves, gloves and hats are the go-to items for winter. For the summer, boys’ and girls’ beach outfits are ideal, as are short-sleeve T-shirts and cotton shorts. 
Great discounts are available if you’re looking for kid’s clothes suitable for school days and weekends. Parkas, casual trousers and joggers, sweatshirts and jackets, and long-sleeve cotton T-shirts are included in the Desigual kids’ Sales and Outlet clothes with up to 50% off. In girls’ clothes, there is a variety of dresses and T-shirts, with a wide range of comfortable designs and fabrics, as well as floral and arty prints and prints of their favourite characters. Jackets play an important role in the discounted winter collections, with warm padded options, and fun, colourful furry jackets. Trousers and skirts, as well as jumpers and sweatshirts, allow you to create an array of outfits that are sure to meet the demands of school days. You can make the most of kids’ Sales and Outlet clothes discounts, we select key garments: in winter, wool and padded coats and jackets are essential items that you can buy at a more affordable price and wear all season long. As well as knit jumpers and T-shirts. 
In spring/summer, there’s lots of versatility in girls’ and boys’ clothes: dresses, light trousers, Bermuda shorts, and short skirts created to mix and match. Favourite characters are also present in the kids’ Sales and Outlet clothes. With garments from the #DesigualAndDisney collection, featuring Mickey Mouse (the iconic Disney character) in prints and patches on sweatshirts, dresses and T-shirts. As well as cartoon characters such as the Pink Panther, Supergirls, the Tasmanian Devil and Bugs Bunny. And the Smiley icons. 
Kids’ Sales and Outlet clothes also includes garments and accessories suitable for birthday parties, christenings, communions and other events where kids can dress with a more elegant look, without losing their youthful style. The collection features solid and print shirts, dresses, jumpers and thin jackets. You can also find discounts on a selection of garments created with eco-friendly fabrics— sustainable fibres such as organic cotton and recycled fibres. Garments that respond to our ‘Love the world’ commitment, which also includes circularity and sustainable optimisation in garment production processes. When autumn arrives, you have a date with the best seasonal discounts every year: You can enjoy Desigual’s Black Friday offers, with up to 50% off on clothes for the autumn/winter season. 
Take the opportunity to stock up on favourites, round out your winter wardrobe just as the season kicks off, and find gift ideas, which you can buy early and at a discount before the festive season. And if you are looking for special prices all year round, you can find them in our Outlet stores. With a wide selection of discounted clothes and accessories, shop favourite items at great prices all season long. At Desigual you'll find girls’ clothes and boys’ clothes in sizes 3 to 14 years, available at both our physical stores and online.