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Women's Jackets and Coats

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41 results

Women's Jackets and Coats

41 results

There’s no denying it: women's coats have become the garment par excellence of the autumn/winter season. Year after year, our design team updates our looks and finds the key concepts that will make these garments a true object of desire. That’s why, when they’re produced and arrive in stores or on, our pieces have everything you need so you can’t resist adding them to your wardrobe to fight the cold. 
Wool coats are classic. Plaid, a trademark of the house. Tweed, synonymous with elegance. The truth is that when it comes to creating women’s coats, the possibilities are endless, and we like to surprise with innovative shapes and bold combinations. For example, we know that a dark coat should be part of our wardrobe staples. At Desigual, we reinvent standards and when we design a model in black, navy blue, brown or beige we always add our unique touch. Sometimes it's an embroidery or a contrast of textures, or an original and unexpected accent of colour... Our imagination runs wild when we imagine women’s coats that are bursting with colour: reds, fuchsias, intense blues, yellows and more. We love to have fun and let that joie de vivre creep into your everyday looks. 
For several seasons now, one of the star materials for women’s puffer jackets has been technical fabrics, in bright colours with bold prints or shiny metallic finishes. Whether thick, puffer-style or lighter, short or long, with or without hoods, women’s jackets are especially popular when the temperatures drop. As they are padded, they insulate us perfectly. Their volume also redefines the silhouette and adds an immediate urban touch to any look. On the other hand, they are very practical as sometimes their finishes are waterproof, their different elements are separables or the whole piece is reversible. Just think how easy it is to travel with them because they don’t weigh so much and don’t take up as much space in your luggage as other warm clothing. 
While we love leather and suede jackets, faux fur and faux leather are another favourite finish for many of our coats. They are pure fantasy and that’s why we like to incorporate them into the collections in unexpected colours and boldly combine them to bring a smile to your face. No wonder they are bestsellers season after season, and we love to keep reinventing them with the sole aim of surprising you. 
The truth is that choosing a coat is no trivial matter. When temperatures drop, outerwear takes centre stage in a look. Depending on the occasion, you may need a more formal, sophisticated and elegant design, or you may opt for a more casual or even sporty option. But we promise that a Desigual design will always stand out from the crowd, because we love being different and we know that you put your faith in our creations to express your charisma.

The collection of women's jackets comes in a wide range of models. Which one you choose depends on your personal style and your needs, with a focus on the jacket that best matches your seasonal wardrobe. If you’re looking for a more elegant or sophisticated look, you’ll love the blazers for a tailored style, also in an updated oversized cut. Pay special attention on the hybrid denim blazer (our MUST HAVE). 
If you are looking for a unique piece with history the Iconic Jacket is the one. These iconic Desigual women’s jackets faithfully reproduce the pattern of the brand’s first bestselling jackets. Created from recycled denim scraps, no two are the same. And year after year, we explore new hybrid versions or special collaboration prints. 
The queens of in-between seasons are the parkas and the shacket (or overshirt), a garment that brings together the best of both: comfortable like a shirt, but functional and warm like a jacket. With both, you won’t only find the classic green parka or a utilitarian style, but also a choice of colours and prints. 
Do you want a more urban look? Don't think twice and go for the leather, faux leather or suede-effect finish biker jackets which continue to be unparalleled. A long-term investment, which is preserved season after season. The Desigual collection can be found in different colours, as well as customised with appliqués, positional prints or patches of matching fabrics. Of course, denim jackets are still a safe bet, a versatile and timeless garment to wear all the time. Both blue and other colours such as black, grey or white. And different cuts, from the trucker to the biker, in more contemporary oversized styles, or in the usual regular and slim-fit versions. Pair them with dresses, skirts or jumpsuits to take them into more feminine territory, or pair them with jeans or cargo trousers for a casual urban style. Suitable for all seasons, in winter they are available with warm lining or with fur, shearling or padded finishes. 
If you want to accentuate your outerwear, hybrid women’s jackets combine denim with fabrics such as plaid, wool or padding, giving that original and fashionable touch to the quintessential urban garment. Similarly, bomber jackets are back and the Desigual collection reinterprets them in a more girly way with different fabrics and combinations, highlighting the padded winter ones. 
For the coldest winter days we know what we want: women’s padded coats, both bombers and more fluid styles, are warm, comfortable options. Wool coats, in one colour or with appliqués and details that break up the uniformity. And women’s furry coats with original tones and printed designs that highlight and emphasise the look. 
All of them are in tune with the latest styles in terms of cuts and fabrics. All you have to do is choose the ones you like the most and the ones that work best for you, to ensure you have one of the key items in your wardrobe for the season.