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Scarves & Foulards

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28 results

Scarves & Foulards

28 results
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Desigual's style is widely known: color, self-expression, boldness, uniqueness... In essence, a great way to accentuate this distinct character is with an accessory. That's why in our collections, in addition to garments like dresses, jackets, and sweaters, we also include accessories that capture all the attention. Women's scarves and shawls are truly essential in our catalog and in the wardrobe of any fashion enthusiast. Our design team works to ensure that each of these pieces captivates brand followers season after season.

Desigual's women's scarves and shawls tend to be colorful and vibrant. Our designs stand out for their bold use of motifs and prints, which include vibrant tones. Each accessory, each scarf or shawl is therefore a nearly unique piece. Desigual's women's scarves and shawls are extremely versatile and become the perfect element to complete any outfit, whether casual or sophisticated.

Desigual's women's scarves and shawls are also ideal for use throughout the year. On colder days, you can wear a thick and warm scarf to keep you cozy. On warmer days, you can opt for a lightweight and breezy shawl to protect yourself from the sun and wind. In our catalog, you'll find models in a wide variety of fabrics, from silk-like materials to cotton and other fibers. All are designed to meet your needs and personal preferences.

Desigual also offers a wide selection of wallets for women. These accessories are just as vibrant and colorful as the rest of our creations. We design them by blending current trends with our own DNA, resulting in something truly unique. Whether you're looking for a small wallet to carry in your bag or a larger one to use as a handbag, Desigual surely has an option for you.

Desigual's wallets and purses are made from durable materials: genuine leather, canvas, polyester, leather-like fabrics... In addition to being practical and functional, they are also sophisticated and designed to make a statement on their own. Our creative team constantly innovates and develops new patterns and colors each season, with the sole aim of surprising you and providing you with multiple options that most likely align with what you're looking for and your personal style.

Last but certainly not least, Desigual also offers an extensive selection of women's gloves and hats. Desigual's gloves and hats are perfect for keeping warm on cold winter days. Every season, we introduce new models that fit various styles and cater to individual needs. We offer hats, caps, bucket hats, balaclavas, berets... And we don't forget gloves, mittens, scarves, and many other possibilities to keep you warm in any situation.

As with the rest of the collection, Desigual's gloves and hats feature bright colors and bold motifs: they aim to be iconic pieces with the potential to redefine an entire look.