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Men's Sweaters, Cardigans, & Pullovers

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33 results

Men's Sweaters, Cardigans, & Pullovers

33 results
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Doing your homework to know what men's sweaters will set the trends for the season is crucial, as men's sweaters have become a staple in the male wardrobe. Sitting halfway between men's suit jackets and men's hoodies, Desigual's men's sweaters will be your lifeline for several reasons: they're versatile, meaning they go well with countless looks; they adapt to all sorts of situations, and they're among the most comfortable garments you can choose.

The new collection of men's sweaters features a wide selection of models, including high-neck sweaters (a classic among classics), V-neck sweaters, cable-knit sweaters, zip-up sweaters, slim-fit sweaters, and of course, oversized sweaters and Perkins-neck sweaters, which are those with a neck between a turtleneck and a crew neck. You can opt for classic colors like navy blue, beige, burgundy, or brown, or go for bolder patterns. All of them can be combined with men's t-shirts and polos, men's shirts, and men's jeans. Men's sweaters perfectly adapt to the time of year you're in. For colder days, we recommend wool cardigans or cashmere ones from the fall/winter collection. And for those days when the temperature is a bit higher and you don't need as much warmth, you have spring/summer collection men's knit or cotton sweaters. This season, men's vests are also included, which could be defined as sleeveless sweaters for men. Although it might seem old-fashioned at first, in recent years, they've become a very cool element for your outfits.

But if you're aiming for a more casual style with urban and relaxed outfits, we recommend our collection of hooded and non-hooded sweatshirts. Men's hooded sweatshirts have achieved a new status, transcending boundaries and moving beyond the realms of hip-hop and skate scenes to conquer both streetwear and more sophisticated environments. Trends like athleisure, which involves bringing sporty aesthetics into everyday life, started this transition and soon led to us pairing men's hooded sweatshirts even with suit jackets. In this entire journey, hooded and non-hooded sweatshirts have become an essential component that we can't do without. In Desigual's collection of men's sweatshirts, you'll find both plain models in colors like yellow, red, pink, or green, as well as more eye-catching patterned models. Of course, we have to mention "wardrobe staple" sweatshirts in colors like black, white, or gray, which are available season after season. Classics will always be classics.