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Women's Accessories

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169 results

Women's Accessories

169 results
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When we at Desigual think of designing women’s accessories, our imagination runs wild and we come up with so many ideas... The possibilities are almost endless and range from women’s scarves and foulards to belts, gloves, hats, ponchos, all kinds of footwear, and women’s wallets. The bag is, without a doubt, the star when it comes to women’s accessories. In our collections, we always include a good number of references. We work them carefully to satisfy the demands of those who choose a Desigual bag. That’s why each season we present everything from handbags to other bags with multi-position straps that can be carried in a thousand different ways, backpacks, shoppers, etc. 
When it comes to women’s accessories, we can’t forget about shoes. They are the foundation (never better said) of any look, and choosing the right pair can take your outfit to a whole new level. In summer, sandals are a must. In winter, on the other hand, boots are vital. For formal occasions or for everyday looks, there are countless possibilities, and we try to have them all in our catalogue. In our physical stores or online store ( you will surely find a lot of footwear options with the potential to become your favourites of the season. 
While we're on the subject of bags, we usually carry another one of those absolutely essential women’s accessories inside them. We are referring to wallets and change purses, which are undeniably useful. They keep all those things we should never forget at home safe: coins and notes, cards of all kinds and everything from documents to receipts. In our collection, you can find them in a multitude of sizes and shapes, with snap fastening or zips, and in a wide range of colours (from basic to trendy) and finishes. 
Another category of women’s accessories that we like to wear every year when temperatures drop and we want to bundle up deserves a special mention: hats, gloves, scarves and ponchos. All of them are great allies in fighting the cold without sacrificing style. In fact, choosing the right accessory can make your winter look more interesting. In summer, on the other hand, it’s hats and foulards that make their way into our everyday lives. They help protect us from the sun and are key for a winning beach outfit. 
In short, choosing the ideal accessory is no easy task. Whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter, an accessory can be the piece that takes centre stage in an outfit. Depending on the occasion, we may need a more elegant, sophisticated and formal design. Or for other times, a more casual or sporty option is more appropriate. But we promise that a Desigual accessory will always stand out from the crowd, as we love originality and we know you put your faith in our designs to express your personality.