Together forever

Keeping a distance but keeping in touch. And that's how we want to carry on: with positivity and total safety.
To do this, we've prepared new measures for our services.

Life will be different, but we're sure it will be cool again.

Safe in-store shopping

We have worked so that your experience in any of our stores is safe and as comfortable as possible, complying with all the requirements imposed by each country.

Cleaning and disinfection

You will have disinfectant gel available on entering and leaving your store and our employees will have the necessary material for hygiene and prevention. In addition, we disinfect the entire store daily.

Safe distance

Keeping distance is being closer than ever; thus, we will keep a safe distance of two metres, we will monitor store capacity and we will pay special attention during payment.

Safe fitting rooms and clothes

We make sure that both the fitting rooms and the clothes remain clean, disinfecting them after every use. Additionally, we will prioritize that the garments you take are unused, taking them directly from the storage.

Non-cash payment

We recommend payment with card or mobile telephone, although all the usual methods of payment will be available to you. Lastly, we advise you to wash the garments when you arrive home before wearing them for the first time.

We're adapting our online services


Shipments are made normally and you will receive your order in 1 to 7 business days.

Safe orders

All garments are sent in their original package, minimizing contact.

Free returns

You can return your purchases within a period of 30 days. Check returns page.

Collection of pending orders

If your order is in one of our open stores, you can now collect it. If if remains in one that is closed, we will keep it for you until its re-opening. Check if your store is open.