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Sustainable Kids Clothing

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Sustainable Kids Clothing


Buying sustainable and eco-friendly children's clothing is a top priority for many parents who want to dress their sons and daughters in the best options the market currently offers. At Desigual, that's why we include a wide variety of garments in our collections, such as boys' t-shirts or girls' dresses, that are produced according to sustainability and responsibility criteria.

Some of these garments, for example, include recycled fibers in their composition. Others are made with responsible materials, such as organic cotton, something that the audience values when it comes to sustainable and eco-friendly children's clothing. Other fibers we use are artificial cellulosic fibers - like viscose, modal, lyocell, acetate, and more - that are 100% sourced from certified sustainable forests. Many pieces include trims or details that are also recycled, or in the case of leather, have certificates that validate their responsible nature.

All of these items, with these differentiating and valuable elements for those who choose sustainable children's clothing, are grouped in our online store and can be identified by a green icon. This icon is a circle with two small white outlined leaves inside. In the product details of each garment, you'll find all the relevant information. In our physical stores, all this information is present on the garment tags. Our team in each physical store can also address any questions you may have about the sustainable processes and materials we incorporate to become a more responsible brand.

At Desigual, we want every customer to have the necessary information to make conscious sustainability-related purchases. Therefore, the labeling of our products specifies the type of fibers and processes used for their creation.

The term "Organic" indicates that at least 50% of the materials have an organic origin. When you see "Recycled," it means that at least 30% of the materials come from recycled sources, and in the case of cotton, a minimum of 20%. The concept of "Eco-friendly" refers to at least half of the materials in the garment having a sustainable origin.

If you're interested in sustainable and eco-friendly children's clothing, you're probably familiar with these initials: BCI. But what do they mean? These three letters refer to the Better Cotton Initiative, a project of which we are a proud member. When you buy Desigual's cotton garments, you're supporting more sustainable cotton farming practices.

Lastly, when you come across the term "Love Processes," you can be confident that the production processes incorporate significant improvements in energy consumption, water usage, and chemical use.

All of the above falls under our initiative "Love the world," our platform to become a better brand every day. Therefore, we strive to ensure that people looking for sustainable children's clothing understand that under this concept, we develop all our sustainability programs and initiatives with the goal of reducing our environmental impact and making our brand's footprint positive.