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All of Desigual’s menswear collections are designed to surprise you, to inspire you, to make you want to be bold enough to wear them. Season after season our design team creates a wide range of garments and accessories, with you in mind. 
Their aim is to provide you with contemporary designs that allow you to express your charisma and that exude the joie de vivre so intrinsically linked to Desigual’s DNA. Naturally, our specialists keep up with the latest menswear trends and reformulate them so they are always present in the collections that arrive in our stores and online store, 
This creative, detailed and painstaking process allows us to provide you with garments, such as men’s shirts, trousers, jackets and accessories, with just the right ingredients to become your favourite piece season after season. We love it when our creations, like our men’s T-shirts and polo shirts, become part of your wardrobe. We are passionate about seeing them worn by people like you. 

Menswear for all year round 

At Desigual you can find clothes for any time of year. Hot or cold, you can dress as you want every day of the year, whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter. 
Desigual's spring/summer menswear catalogue includes jeans, short-sleeved cotton T-shirts, shorts, trainers and men's swimwear. Casual garments which you can wear for your leisure plans in the city or for going to the beach or the swimming pool. The stars of the autumn/winter collection are quilted coats, jacquard jumpers, accessories such as hats and scarves, and sweatshirts and hoodies for men. 
All year round our menswear collections are full of casual and urban style designs. Any of them would be perfect for an everyday look. For example, what wardrobe would be complete without jeans, polo shirts and T-shirts in prints or solid colours, a few shirts and a hoodie or two? 
But if you’re looking for a more dressed up look, Desigual is also the ideal place to find it. For the office, we suggest visiting our shirt, knitwear and trouser sections. And let yourself fall in love with our jackets, which will top off your outfit. 
Whatever the occasion, when it comes to communicating your personality, Desigual is your best ally. You’ll wear colour, you’ll show off original prints, you’ll try out garments that will turn heads. 
In short, if you're looking for menswear brimming with optimism and that prove trends are best combined with your unique character, you’ll find them at Desigual’s stores and online store.