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Here you can find our garments made using more sustainable or recycled processes and fibres.

Discover our Love the world commitments and initiatives.

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Sustainable Women's Clothing

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26 results

Sustainable Women's Clothing

26 results

The Circular Denim Project: Easily recyclable garments created from recycled denim.

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Sustainable and eco-friendly women’s clothes is playing an increasingly greater role in our wardrobes, and more than just a one-off trend, it’s a step in the right direction. The fashion industry is a polluting industry, so it is important for sustainable and eco-friendly women’s clothes to progressively replace non-ecological clothing, a shift from fast fashion to slow fashion. 
Love the World is the platform that we at Desigual have been promoting for years, becoming a brand that improves every day and moves forward with greater awareness. This platform brings together all the sustainability programmes and initiatives with the aim of reducing our environmental impact and making our footprint a positive one. 
Sustainable and eco-friendly women’s clothes are included in the collections of major brands. In both our spring/summer and autumn/winter collections, more and more garments include sustainable materials and fibres. Sustainable and eco-friendly womenswear starts with the choice of raw materials. The provenance of materials used, as well as the way in which they are processed and supplied, have a direct impact on our environment. 
At Desigual online you can purchase sustainable women’s clothes, as we have women’s dresses in sustainable cotton from initiatives like the BCI (Better Cotton Initiative), eco-friendly women’s sweatshirts in an array of designs, cuts, colours and prints, and women’s coats and jackets made with warm padded fabrics based on sustainable fibres such as recycled polyester, in both short and long versions, with and without hoods, and other decorative elements that make them unique garments. Within the collection of sustainable women’s clothes you can also find women’s jeans and other women’s trousers in eco-friendly fabrics or accessories such as women’s handbags, women’s wallets, women’s backpacks, women’s scarves, women’s gloves and women’s belts made with a high percentage of sustainable fibres. Women’s footwear is no exception when it comes to sustainability, as there is also a wide selection of women’s trainers and high tops or more sporty women’s shoes made from sustainable fibres. In this case, the eco-friendly material is found in the recycled rubber of the soles and in the recycled polyester inner lining, which is also used to show off colourful prints or other decorative motifs. 
It’s a fact— sustainable fashion is here to stay and sustainability is one of our biggest commitments today. With every season we move a little closer to a sustainable future and thanks to the involvement and unwavering commitment of all the departments involved and the suppliers with whom we collaborate, we have made significant progress in recent years. Progress that will not slow down; on the contrary, we will increasingly continue to support these types of initiatives in order to live on a better planet.