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Women's Bodysuits

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Women's Bodysuits


Without a doubt, an essential and incredibly versatile clothing that blends seamlessly and provides solutions for various looks, always with style. As an undergarment or as the centerpiece of an outfit, women's bodysuits have made a leap from the realm of lingerie not only into casual wear but also into elegant looks for celebrations.

Today, this substitute for blouses and shirts is a "must-have," available in various styles and for different occasions.

One of the best qualities of women's bodysuits is their ability to create well-defined lines in looks while remaining entirely comfortable. Moreover, they pair exceptionally well with tailored women's trousers, skirts, shorts, or underneath a dress, especially beneath transparent dresses.

In Desigual's collection of women's bodysuits, you'll find numerous options ranging from the boldest and most sensual, such as lace-trimmed strappy bodysuits in cotton and lace, featuring plunging necklines and sheer elements, to those that resemble long-sleeved or short-sleeved T-shirts with striking floral prints, vibrant colors, round necks, and even ruffles.

Halter necklines, plunging necklines, round necks, turtlenecks, paired with puffed sleeves, short sleeves, and long sleeves, or even finished with ruffles, create the ideal pattern for every woman's style. And, of course, Desigual's characteristic original design shines through in printed bodysuits, solid colors, florals, metallic and iridescent finishes, as well as monochromatic bodies in energetic tones.

Advantages include:
- A wide variety of designs and styles.
- Its fit always adjusts, ensuring a consistently perfect look.
- Flatters all types of silhouettes. Yes, the key lies in the diversity of designs and patterns for women's bodysuits.
- It doesn't create wrinkles or folds.
- Pairs perfectly with absolutely everything.
- The "insider's crush."
- The combination of a bodysuit and jeans has become a favorite combo. An always successful ensemble that takes only a few minutes to put together, thanks to the bodysuit adding a distinctive and sexy touch to the look.
- Whether it's long, short, mom-fit, straight, or culotte jeans, the style twist you want to achieve can be found in the bodysuit you pair them with.
- For fresh and elegant looks, bodysuits go perfectly with palazzo pants. In casual looks, "swimsuit-style" versions are ideal, especially now that the tank top is making a strong comeback. For more sensual and nighttime looks, bodysuits feature front zippers and subtly positioned suggestive cutouts on the back or sides of the garment.

In their most current styles, bodysuits compete with women's bikinis, another lingerie item that has boldly transitioned from swimwear to streetwear.

Choose this key piece that completely transforms a look in a matter of seconds. Discover the wide selection of women's bodysuits from Desigual's collection, available for you season after season, in physical stores and on