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The Desigual women’s athletic T-shirts from the new collection are everything you’ve been waiting for, and more. If you’re struck with spring fever and feel like running, swimming or opening your chakras, we have what you need! Style and technique team up to give you full freedom push your limits. Choose from vibrant prints in a myriad of colors, or basic or tone-on-tone printed garments. This season, we’ve updated our women’s athletic T-shirt designs to offer you a wide range of styles: sleeveless tops, short-sleeved T-shirts, fitted or wide-cut, even kimono-style T-shirts to help you reach Nirvana while practising yoga. And don’t miss our sports bras, which happen to match our other garments, so you can create impressive outfits. Get one of our high-impact bras for running or explosive sports, or our medium-support bras for indoor sports such as pilates or fitness.