Desigual and Colombian Designer Esteban Cortázar Announce Their Collaboration
Desigual and Colombian Designer Esteban Cortázar Announce Their Collaboration

Desigual and Colombian Designer Esteban Cortázar Announce Their Collaboration

Esteban Cortázar’s first collection for Desigual will go on sale May 20. The capsule collection, titled Cada día es para siempre (Everyday is forever), is inspired by the designer’s childhood in South Beach, Miami, during the 1990s.

Desigual ❤️ Esteban Cortázar

Today, Desigual, a Mediterranean brand inspired by differ- ent talents, presents a new collaborator. Designer Esteban Cortázar (Bogotá, 1984), an ambassador of summer and a resort style, joins the brand with a sustainable spring/ summer collection based on versatile, timeless and unisex pieces with graphic prints and patchwork. A celebration of joie de vivre, summer and color. Cada día es para siempre (Everyday is forever) invites us to be reborn and live life.

“For my first collaboration with Desigual I wanted to create something really personal, so I took inspiration from my childhood, growing up in the ‘Glory Days’ of South Beach, Miami, in the 90s. Around the News Café I could see how the creative renaissance that at the time singled out this part of Miami Beach came about. A melting pot of fashion, music, art and Latin heat, with an eclectic mix of incredible people. From artists and eccentric retirees to the buzzing gay culture, drag queens, supermodels, iconic photographers, the nightclub scene and the incredible Latin culture. The collaboration celebrates endless summer days, sunset kisses and the spirit of youth and diversity that marked a highly iconic, spontaneous and liberating era as seen through the eyes of a precocious child. A collection inspired by the past, designed for today and to be remembered forever.”

- Esteban -

The collection features the collaboration of the artist Valentino Cortázar, father of the designer, whose piece ‘El Beso’, a graphic expression of love through brushstrokes in pure colors created in Miami during this period, is the centerpiece of much of the collection. In addition, Esteban plays with a photographic patchwork of images taken by the iconic Andy Sweet in South Beach during the 70s. Two contrasting styles that emphasize the freedom, spontaneity, color and warmth with which this collection was conceived.

Stay tuned! Because on May 20 the collection will go on sale and the campaign Cada día es para siempre (Everyday is forever) will be unveiled, featuring figures from the world of cinema, art and fashion through whom we can experience the era (and the joie de vivre). Also, if you want your read- ers to have access to the exclusive collection pre-sale taking place on May 14, you can share this link.

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