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Trousers & Leggings

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Trousers & Leggings


The collection of women's trousers is made up of the main fits that set trends in both the autumn/winter and spring/summer seasons. We’re talking about boyfriend, slim fit, and skinny trousers (which you can find in both jeans and other fabrics), but also including dress pants, more fluid and wide models such as palazzo cuts, perfect for achieving a more elegant look. All of them combine perfectly with both t-shirts and sweaters or blouses.

Some of the most urban and fashionable trouser models have torn and/or embroidered parts (flowers, drawings, positive messages, etc.) and you can choose from many colours (black, white, blue, grey, red...), prints or embroidery. The most popular ones are the joggers that are characterised by having an elastic waist with drawstrings, a straight cut and being fitted at the ankles. Cargo trousers are also a great option, especially for all-terrain adventures.

Choose the perfect women’s trousers depending on your plans and get them at both our brick-and-mortar stores and online.