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Women's Denim Jackets

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17 results

Women's Denim Jackets

17 results
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Women's denim jackets have become one of the most essential items in our wardrobe. Their urban and casual style, reminiscent of the rock scene of the seventies, is the star of countless street wear looks season after season. Let's say that they have become a classic and we all have one (or several) waiting for us to take it out for a spin. 

Denim’s versatility is unparalleled, also in women’s denim jackets that allow you to explore different designs in countless styles. They have been present in every era, have evolved with the times, adapt to all styles and are the perfect all-rounder and ultimate between-season garment. 

Currently the Desigual collection has countless options, cuts, fabrics, prints and finishes, making them a more special and personal garment. 

The basic model is a must; it is the garment that never disappoints, functional and always appropriate. Without fuss but with cool details in the form of embroidery, studs, tulle transparencies and even sequins, which elevate it to the purest Desigual style. 

They are back in large sizes, in oversized cuts with a vintage eighties feel, perfect with high-waisted trousers or shorts and basic T-shirts, or tight dresses and pencil skirts. 

Straight-cut women’s denim jackets, with or without a hood, go well with flowing, loose-fitting dresses. Desigual’s collection features a variety of models ranging from classic blue, black and white denim to special shades depending on the season. There are even original models with torn and frayed fabrics combined with gemstones, embroidery or a patchwork of prints. 

If you are looking for a unique piece with history the Iconic Jacket is the one. These iconic Desigual jackets are created from recycled denim scraps and faithfully reproduce the pattern of the brand’s first bestselling jackets. Year after year, the Iconic Jacket explores new hybrid versions or special collaboration prints. 

The boldest styles can be found in Desigual’s hybrid denim jackets. One of the brand's most characteristic codes—the combination of fabrics—means that women’s denim jackets mix denim with cloth, plaid, animal print, quilted fabrics and tulle, among other materials. Thus offering a totally different garment with its own personality. 

For those who love collaborations, women’s denim jackets have also been the star garments of collaborators who also share a passion for this garment. The volumes created with Alphonse Maitrepierre surprise us; or they can be filled with Mickey Mouse patches and embroidery in collaboration with Disney. 
For colder days, jackets incorporate sheepskin collars or are elongated to three-quarter length, combining well with warm jumpers. 

In their trucker versions, in women's biker jackets, in oversized versions or in longer parka or jacket versions, women’s denim jackets are and always will be a key item in urban casual wear. Check them all out in our Desigual stores and online store.