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Mini me

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6 results

Mini me

6 results
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Are you familiar with the twinning trend? The name might not ring a bell, but if we tell you it's about dressing the same as your friend or your daughter, you'll probably say, "Ah, got it! I love that!"

Also known as MiniMe, these are garments that allow mothers and daughters to dress in matching outfits, adapting to each one's style. How do you make sure they're not too cheesy for the mom or overly grown-up for the daughter? The key lies in Desigual's style of cross-cutting codes: casual ease, originality, and garments crafted with distinctive details, which are some of the brand's most characteristic aspects.

Combinations of fabrics, prints with intricate treatments, contemporary reinterpretations of styles and prints, and meticulous attention to detail are the Desigual hallmarks of these pieces. Add to that oversized patterns, updated classic cuts, and blends of hybrid concepts that suit all ages.

Within the collection, women's dresses and girls' dresses complement each other. Slim-fit silhouettes in dress-shirts, the practicality and comfort of sweatshirt dresses, offer the best options for day-to-day wear. Feminine A-line dresses and looser tunic patterns serve as choices for special occasions.

Printed t-shirts are a Desigual trademark that also comes in a mother-daughter version. Made of cotton in colors like white, pink, or blue, or printed with floral, geometric, or artsy motifs. T-shirts that go well with various-sleeved shirts and blouses featuring different prints. They pair well with plain, printed, or striped sweaters, perfect for work or school.

Sweatshirts take the top spot in twinning. As a timeless wardrobe staple, they couldn't be missing in this collection of matching clothing for mothers and daughters. Hooded and non-hooded sweatshirts for casual weekend plans, as well as designer sweatshirts for special looks where a unique touch is needed. Sweatshirts that let you stay stylish and in sync.

Skirts and pants are also coordinated. Skirts with floral prints, ruffled versions for girls, and gathered ones for mothers. Pants with positioned stampings or subtle monograms, in jeans style and various colors.

Some of Desigual's most important pieces also have their MiniMe versions. The most appealing licensed collections feature Mickey Mouse, Pink Panther, and other favorite characters, bringing them to matching mother-daughter outfits. Iconic characters that we all adore and want to wear, regardless of age. Similarly, the iconic unisex hybrid jackets from Desigual are available in adult and kids' versions for brand enthusiasts.

Mothers and daughters sometimes share similar tastes. And when that happens, Desigual offers the MiniMe version in both spring-summer and autumn-winter collections. No matter where you go, you'll turn heads because wearing matching clothing for mothers and daughters with current trends means being fashionable, and that doesn't go unnoticed.

In Desigual stores and online, you'll find matching clothing for mothers and daughters to rock stylish looks or surprise with truly original and unique gifts.