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Women's hats and gloves

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£49.00 £24.50 -50%

With the arrival of winter, women's hats and gloves become our best allies against the cold and wind. If you add a wool scarf to the hat and glove set, you’ll get a winning combination, as well as a very warm outfit. No day will be too cold to keep you from doing everything you have planned.

Within the collection you will find sets of gloves and hats for women, perfect as a gift, but also as separate items. You can choose between different designs, colours and fabrics. From the most minimalist options with classic colours such as black, white, grey or pale pink that combine with most looks, to some more original ones with drawings, inlays, embroideries, even pom-pom hats... that will add an elegant and hipster feel to your outfits.

Whether you have short or long hair, at Desigual you will find your ideal hat since, by having different models and sizes, you will be able to find the one that best suits your haircut and style.