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Women's Boots & Ankle Boots

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4 results

Women's Boots & Ankle Boots

4 results
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If there is a perfect type of footwear for the autumn/winter season, without a doubt it is women’s boots and women’s ankle boots. Not only are they flexible and easy to combine with most of your outfits, they will also adapt to all your plans, whatever they may be. You can find many models to choose from in our collection of women’s boots.

This season's collection of women’s flat boots, heeled boots or platform boots includes the classic black style in leather or vegan leather, with a faux fur lining and laces, which season after season have become true all-around boots; but you’ll still find much more. Women’s cowboy boots are still very present both in the looks of fashionistas and in our collection of women’s boots. We’re fond of trends that last over time, those that we don’t tire of after several seasons; that’s why these boots are still making waves. If you are wondering how to pair them, we recommend adding them to any of your looks, from the most basic and everyday looks consisting of women’s jeans and a women’s white T-shirt to those of the most sophisticated and elegant women’s dresses with a romantic cut which you have in your wardrobe. Their versatility will make them perfect for all kinds of outfits without clashing. Women’s tall boots go great with women’s skirts or women’s mini skirts, but we recommend going beyond the expected and combining them, for example, with women’s trousers tucked in at the leg. In our collection you can also find women’s tall mid-calf boots and women’s tall boots in XXL or musketeer style. These types of women’s boots are one of the best options to protect you from the winter cold. Women’s ankle boots with trucker soles in colours such as black, gold or brown and decorated with studs or other inlays, are one of the season’s top choices. Their strengths? Their incredible comfort and ability to go with all kinds of everyday looks. Women’s waterproof boots or rain boots have been with us since childhood— who doesn’t remember jumping from puddle to puddle in them? However, from an adult perspective, they are a great option for creating amazing looks on rainy days. You can wear them alone, or you can wear them with high women’s socks that stick out at the top, creating different volumes.

In the Desigual women’s shoes catalogue, you can also choose from other types of footwear such as women’s sneakers or women’s sandals. You can wear women’s sneakers whenever you prioritise comfort above all else or when your plans have a more casual or sporty style. However, if you’re looking for a look with a more elevated feel, women’s sandals will suit you much better.