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Total looks

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Attention: style alert. Do you have questions about women’s total looks for this season? Perhaps here are the answers, or at least some of the key concepts to creating a head-to-toe outfit.

Some people prefer to start designing an outfit from the top, that is, choosing a blouse, a top or a jumper that takes the spotlight. Others will opt for their outfit to revolve around bottoms, whether it’s a skirt, shorts or trousers. But at Desigual we like to break the rules— that’s why this time we’re going to propose another way of creating women’s total looks. We’re focusing on accessories.

Let’s start with one of the favourite sections of our stores or the women’s bags section. One of them is sure to catch your attention immediately. It could be that one, which has a very original colour... We’ll make it the star of this (and many) women’s total looks.

To combine a colour bag, we can choose from two ways: playing with harmony or going bold with contrast. 

For the former, the trick is to mix shades. So, the bag is electric blue? Don’t be afraid to wear it with a navy coat or a light blue blouse. For this solution, a perfect ally is denim, with the infinite possibilities offered by the different washes. We can find jeans to truckers and shirts, or other accessories such as caps.

For the second scenario, a bolder option, the tactic is simple: take a risk and come out on top. Let’s consider a handbag in a fluorescent colour. Why not combine it with other neon-coloured women’s accessories? They would make very interesting accents. Fuchsia with yellow, green with orange... For the rest of the outfit, neutrals will prove to be the perfect choice— the always reliable black or versatile khaki go great with any fluorescent colour.

There is always a third way too, and that is to look at the details. If the fabric of your coat has metallic threads, a bag with the same finish will make them stand out and give the whole outfit a new dimension. Linings (which at Desigual we often work with prints or arty finishes) are another of our allies for boldly putting together women’s total looks. Choose a tone from the interior of a garment and wear it on the outside in the form of an accessory: a bag, shoes, a scarf or foulard, and so on. The combination will almost magically be perfect.

Another possibility is to forget any established rules and follow your instinct: imagination is power.

In any case, enjoy fashion and have faith in our collections to express your personality. You can find them in your nearest store, as we have stores in a hundred countries around the world, or at, our online store, available from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.