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112 results


112 results
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The designs of Desigual are widely recognized for their genuine character and colorful details. This season, Desigual brings us a new collection with garments that won't go unnoticed at any moment. Incorporating the standout pieces of the season into your wardrobe is the key to turning even a daily look into something unique.

Among the standout pieces of this season at Desigual, we find jackets in different fabrics. These pieces are perfect for adding a touch to any outfit, no matter the season. Additionally, the combination of colors and textures that Desigual jackets typically feature is a guaranteed success for staying up-to-date.

Another piece that we can't overlook is Desigual's women's dresses with prints. The collection features a wide variety of references with original and colorful prints. From floral motifs to geometric shapes, there's a Desigual dress for every style and occasion.

But dresses aren't the only standout pieces of the season. There are more stars in Desigual's women's clothing collection. For example, our design team is embracing women's faux leather clothing and has come up with various models that are perfect for achieving an elegant and sophisticated look. From pants to skirts, Desigual's faux leather clothing is ideal for creating stylish seasonal outfits.

And when we talk about clothing with a distinct seasonality, we can't forget about Desigual's padded jackets. This season, we've prepared a selection of jackets with different prints and designs that will make any winter outfit stand out. Furthermore, Desigual's padded jackets are perfect for keeping us warm and protected from the cold. Are they the standout pieces of the season? Quite possibly.

Another noteworthy piece is Desigual's sweaters. In the women's collection, we offer a wide variety of sweaters with original designs and colorful details. We've designed everything from sweaters with floral motifs and geometric jacquard patterns to sweaters with embroidered elements. Without a doubt, there's a Desigual sweater for every individual, style, and occasion.

And if we're talking about essential pieces, we can't forget about Desigual's trousers. This season, we're offering a selection of trousers with different finishes and silhouettes that will make any outfit stand out. Additionally, Desigual's pants are perfect for achieving a comfortable yet genuine look.

But it's not just the women's collection at Desigual that stands out for its character. We also offer a wide variety of clothing for men and children, including jackets, shirts, jeans, and more. At Desigual, we have clothing for every family member, no matter their age.

Furthermore, Desigual's collections are available both in physical stores and online at This way, you can purchase your favorite pieces from the comfort of your home or by visiting one of the establishments we have spread throughout the world.