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Women's Backpacks

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43 results

Women's Backpacks

43 results
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Women’s backpacks have recently become a must-have item for those looking for a functional and comfortable accessory.

Of course, they are useful for carrying all your belongings: your wallet, a small toiletry bag, a folding umbrella, a change purse, your mobile phone and charger, your house and car keys, your glasses or sunglasses, documents, your laptop, your gloves and hat (when it gets cold), and so on.

In addition to their capacity, our women’s backpacks stand out for their colour, texture and shape. This gives them a new dimension as fashion accessories.

Although some prefer women’s shopper bags (due to their versatility) and others women’s mini bags (as they are very fashionable), it seems that backpacks are most people’s favourite bags for going to the office, to class and so on. In other words, from here to there. 

The widest range of women's backpacks

Season after season in the Desigual catalogue, there is a wide selection of women’s backpacks which we design in different materials and finishes: leather effect, canvas, nylon, natural fibres, etc. Also with recycled materials, sustainable models or made in denim. In addition, they are available in a remarkable variety of sizes and shapes. In terms of finishes, we always include the season’s favourites: iridescent, matte, glossy, metallic, vinyl effect, wrinkled, crackled and more. 

The professionals designing them aim to surprise with models in original tones, which are very fashionable (fuchsia, green, orange), and to create time and time again the bestselling references, featured in basic colours such as brown, beige, white and black. 

When it comes to prints, flowers are a popular choice in any season (not only in spring) for many women. Depending on trends, other motifs are incorporated: stripes, camouflage, checks, animal print, geometric or abstract shapes— there are no limits to the imagination!

Go bold with Desigual sport backpacks

Sport and fashion, far from being at odds, are almost synonymous— the boundaries between urban and sporty are blurred, as far as trends are concerned. At Desigual, we have various sport backpack models. They are very practical and comfortable to wear. We make them using strong fabrics and they can store everything from a towel to a reusable water bottle, for example. You can put their capacity to the test and put in everything you need to go to the pool or the gym, for that workout that makes you feel so good.

Whatever you choose, you can be sure your backpack will look great with casual looks, and add a sporty touch to your outfit. Don't miss out on one of the season’s must-haves and get one that you can find in stock in our physical stores and our online store,