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Girl's Clothing

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170 results

Girl's Clothing

170 results
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The world of children's clothing welcomes you. If you're looking for Desigual's girls' t-shirts and shirts, you're in the right place. Within our collection of girls' t-shirts and shirts, we gather the latest trends in girls' fashion to create fun garments that will make your daughter feel very special. When it comes to children's clothing, it's important for the garments to be comfortable, durable, and of course, fashionable. Desigual is a Spanish clothing brand that has earned a place in the children's fashion market thanks to its innovative, fun, and colourful designs. Desigual's girls' t-shirts and shirts are perfect for any season, both for spring/summer and autumn/winter. We use high-quality materials to create comfortable, durable garments with unique designs full of details that make them truly special and distinctive.

At Desigual, you'll find girls' sweaters in a multitude of styles, colours, and prints that can brighten even the dullest days, because above all, children's fashion should be fun. In the winter collection, you can find girls' wool sweaters with attractive and colourful designs. Blue, red, black, and earthy colours like beige or off-white predominate. Some models feature geometric patterns, while others have floral prints, and some even include sequin and pearl details. We also want to highlight the Christmas sweaters with a round neck adorned with their most iconic characters like Rudolph the reindeer or Santa Claus himself. For school, nothing better than a knit or crochet sweater with printed designs, ruffles, or other decorative elements like elbow patches or sequins. Star colours are pink, red, green, or mustard yellow, but you can also find other options in grey, beige, or classic white.

Another modern and timeless item is girls' sweatshirts, a garment that has become a classic for casual looks. Desigual's girls' sweatshirts are perfect for cooler days, and they offer a wide variety of models for you to choose your favourites from. In the collection, you'll find hooded girls' sweatshirts, cropped sweatshirts, with and without zippers, and with original and unexpected elements like a bow or tulle, both options perfect for combining with girls' skirts and trousers. We can't forget the fun and colourful prints in the sweatshirts, like camouflage in shades of pink and coral, or fantastic characters like multicoloured unicorns and other animated characters like Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Baby Yoda, or Snoopy. These original sweatshirts are perfect for creating viral videos and joining the latest trends on TikTok by dancing fun choreographies. Combine them with girls' coats and jackets from the collection to create perfect everyday looks.

If you're looking for comfortable, modern, and colourful girls' sweaters and sweatshirts, Desigual is the perfect brand for you.