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Women's Strappy T-Shirts

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Women's Strappy T-Shirts


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Among the garments that deserve the label of essentials in our wardrobe, women’s strappy t-shirts stand out above all. In particular, the most basic and essential cotton styles, which, if they have some viscose or stretch fibres, look great in tones such as black, dark blue, white or ecru and greys, with their many shades in between. These garments are perfect for pairing with lots of others, and are the basis for any layering style you can imagine.

You can also incorporate them in intense and vivid colours, such as orange, fuchsia pink, acid green or passion red; any of them will add extra vitality to your ensemble. 

Women’s strappy t-shirts are starting to appear in our looks from the beginning of spring, becoming an absolute must in summer when the heat is on. When we design them, we imagine them with thin or wide straps, sometimes crossed; with lace and gathered details; also with necklines of different shapes, more or less pronounced; always with comfort and style. You can wear all these models in countless ways: with trousers, skirts or shorts; under light knitwear; or with a denim jacket.

Whether tight-fitting, oversized or cropped, they are perfect for sporty outfits or going to the gym.

T-shirts with sleeves: short or long

There are plenty of reasons to include them in the Desigual women’s tops catalogue, but we also have them with sleeves of different lengths.

For example, women’s long-sleeve T-shirts: when autumn arrives, we are gradually wearing them in our everyday outfits. Not surprisingly, as temperatures drop, it’s time to cover your arms and prioritise comfort. In addition to being highly functional, these garments should also be considered because they stir emotion. That’s why at Desigual we design them in a thousand different ways: with contrasting fabrics and colours, with a multitude of prints and with compositions that provide style and comfort. 

In our catalogue, we have them loose or fitted, cropped or long-fit, with a square neck or a V-neck; as for finishes, our design team enhances them with embroidery, appliqués, shine and rhinestones; as far as prints are concerned, we include them from positional to all-over, including stripes, floral prints, original graphics, kaleidoscopic prints and any fantasy you can possibly imagine. 

In addition to those mentioned above, there are many other T-shirts that are a must in our seasonal wardrobe. Better, obviously, if they are produced using responsible criteria and sustainable fabrics. So is the case with the women’s short-sleeve T-shirts, 100% all-round garments that we can wear throughout the year: from spring to summer, and from autumn to winter. 

A T-shirt for everyone

At Desigual, our aim is to always surprise you: the Desigual women’s strappy tshirts, or those with sleeves, will always make an impression. Your style sets the tone, of course, but in our collections you will surely feel represented.