Women's T-shirts & Tops

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177 results

Women's T-shirts & Tops

177 results

* Discount applied on seasonal price

The T-shirt may seem like a lesser garment or one that goes unnoticed, but nothing is further from the truth, or at least from our reality. At Desigual, women’s print T-shirts have the same amount of personality, or even more, than the rest of the garments, and go far beyond basic solid-coloured cotton T-shirts or sports T-shirts.

The women’s T-shirt is one of the few comfortable garments with so many possibilities for combining, and that solves any issue. Even the solid and basic options work well with cropped or slim trousers and a blazer, or with sneakers or high heels. 

In the Desigual collection we broaden the range of possibilities to create a T-shirt that goes with every woman. With all kinds of motifs, prints, patterns, fabrics and materials. And as many ways of combining them as we want. 

Your style sets the tone and our collection designs a variety of options so you always feel represented. Because a simple casual look, worn in your style with the right T-shirt, can become a star look. 

To achieve this, we work carefully on the details so that each women’s T-shirt has that special something that characterises it and it becomes the favourite T-shirt to choose and wear. 

Every season, colours are the main protagonists of our collection of women’s T-shirts. From vibrant shades, to feminine greens and pinks, combined or in solid monotone options. 

The prints are heightened to give them personality. From the characteristic Arty Desigual prints, to the most popular geometric prints, lettering designs with powerful messages or photographic and digital prints. And, of course, the floral codes created from a variety of inspirations: micro-flowers, maxi-flowers, digital flowers or organic motifs inspired by nature or virtual nanoverses. 

The T-shirts feature Desigual’s 100% original characteristic details and finishes, from inlays to embroidery, trimmings and sequins.  

Fabrics and their combinations are also important in Desigual’s creative approach to T-shirts. We innovate in more urban camo prints with retro-futuristic touches, impossible patchworks that unite animal print, plaids and flowers and, of course, the most avant-garde tie-dye. Mesh plays an important role in the collection, providing a sophisticated and feminine touch with the semi-transparent and layered fabrics.  

For lovers of history’s great icons, the Desigual women’s T-shirt collection offers various collaborations such as the well-known ones with Disney, Looney Tunes and even Smiley.  As well as other types of collaborations with renowned illustrators, giving this basic and versatile garment a feel of exclusivity. 

Patterns are diversified by adapting prints and cuts, in order to choose the T-shirts that suit you best. From classic T-shirts to more oversized styles. As well as slim-fit versions with stretch properties, with gathering and ruching details, and super-feminine cut-outs or lingerie shirts. Flattering halter necks on sleeveless shirts, box collars and high collars, or large round necklines play with hip-length shirts, waist-length shirts or the most fashionable crop tops reminiscent of the early aughts. 

Discover the whole range of women’s bodysuits, long-sleeved T-shirts and short-sleeved T-shirts from the Desigual collection in our stores and the online store.