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We could say that women's handbags are the little brothers of our collection made up of shoulder bags, crossbody bags, shopping bags and backpacks for women. However, the only small thing about them is their size, because the rest of their characteristics are truly gigantic.

Within the range of handbags, the clutches or party bags, which shine at ceremonies or events such as a graduation, a cocktail or a wedding, acquire special attention. They’re the perfect size for bringing the essentials with you and feeling comfortable throughout the event. Also, many of them have thin straps so that you can hang them at any time if you need to. The star colours of our clutches: black, gold and silver or silver.

In general, the handbag is very fashionable and versatile since it can accompany you both in your day-to-day and on your travels. They fit perfectly both in your checked bag and in your hand luggage. In our collection you will find the most youthful ones made with more practical materials such as nylon as well as more elegant ones such as synthetic or imitation leather. In addition, you can also choose between different prints, finishes and colours such as black, red, pink...